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Fantasy RPG UI

Overhauls Foundry Virtual Tabletops UI into a Classic Fantasy RPG Theme.

Table of Contents
  1. About the Module
  2. Supported Packages
  3. License
  4. Acknowledgments

About The Module


This is a UI Overhaul for Foundry Virtual Tabletop's UI elements. This theme gives Foundry's UI a classic RPG interface you'd expect to find in an Role Playing Game.

Game Masters who want to enable this theme for players. It is recommended for you to go to Configure Settings > libThemer and enable GM Theme. This will apply your theme options to all your players. However if you'd like to leave theming up to your players, they can always go to Configure Theme > Manage Presets and Activate the Fantasy RPG UI Theme.

Supported Features

 Dialog Windows
 Journal Sheet
   Edit Journal Content
   Left UI - Controls
   Top UI - Scene Navigation
   Bottom UI - Hotbar
   Players Widget
   Tab - Chat
   Tab - Combat
   Tab - Scenes
   Tab - Actors
   Tab - Journal
   Tab - Tables
   Tab - Cards
   Tab - Playlist
   Tab - Compendium
   Tab - Settings
 Configure Game Settings
 Module Management
 Configure Controls
 Edit World
 Tour Management
 Support Details
 View Documentation
 Community Wiki Pages
 Game Invitation Links
 Configure Scene

 Generic Windows
This will apply a generic theme to all windows. Enabling individual theme options will have a more hand crafted experiance. Enable this option if you want the Fantasy RPG UI on more elements.

If you find any other windows or elements unthemed please let me know.

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Supported Packages

Full Support

D&D 5e System
Always HP
Module Compatibility Checker
Window Controls

Partial Support

Monster Blocks
   Fantasy RPG UI does not break its functionaliy
   Themed - Does some math when opening the window, which causes issues theming it
Pathfinder 2nd Edition
   Character Sheets
   I don't play Pathfinder 2e, so some elements may not be styled correctly, if you com across any, please let me know.
   Header buttons are outside of the window. Clicking on the couplings will trigger the button, but you can't see what you are clicking on.
Simple Calendar
   Fantasy RPG UI does not break its functionaliy
   Themed - Uses a lot of custom CSS, will need a lot of custom support.
   Fantasy RPG UI does not break its functionaliy

Planned Support

Token Action HUD
   Planned Support
Tidy5e Sheet
   Planned Support

Unknown Support

Monks Enhanced Journal
Technically this module works with Fantasy RPG UI, however it greatly strays away from the default journal layout. After a quick look through the module, it would require a lot of redesigning of both custom CSS and JavaScript for me to get it to a point that I would like. At this time I am not sure If I will be adding support or listing this module as unsupported.


Any package listed here is because I am either unable to support it or wont support it, please don't ask

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Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.

The assets in _private folder are packaged within and provided with Fantasy RPG UI and may NOT be redistributed or used outside of Foundry Virtual Tabletop except as permitted by a separate license agreement between the original copyright holder of these assets. These license terms apply to all images within _private folder and all subdirectories.

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