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The Crow, an Everyday Heroes Cinematic Adventure

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Last updated7 months ago
Created7 months ago
Languages English
Systems Everyday-heroes
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Some tragedies never rest, even after death

Visit the world of The Crow—and wreak vengeance on those who would turn the lands of the living and the dead on their head.

Every culture in the world has myths about our souls traveling to the land of the dead—and warnings about their return. But what if you could stare into the eyes of the one you once loved or catch a glimpse of them skipping along on a rain-soaked night years after you were put in a grave—one last time? How much is that worth?

A global wave of violent crime suddenly lights cities ablaze worldwide in a revival of the forgotten tradition of Devil’s Night. Caught in the crossfire, you can’t rest until revenge is had. Or rather, you aren’t allowed to rest until the wrongs committed have been set right.

With each body put in the grave, another fragmented clue of your past and present is revealed. Then, without warning, the greatest secret is revealed: You are not alone.

Together you and the Crow must bring justice upon the one who cracked the mystery of death, even if it sets Motor City ablaze one more time. For the path of retribution is wrought with violence and tears.


  • Prayers of the Past, an adventure for 5th or 6th level heroes
  • 2 new classes: The Reborn and The Soothsayer
  • 18 new backgrounds & professions
  • 5 pre-generated heroes to quickly get into the action
  • 2 dozen new NPCs adapted from The Crow films or brand new to the adventure
  • New rules for casting ritual magic


Screenshot of The Crow module with several compendiums open, the front one showing the first page of the Prayers of the Past adventure.

Screenshot of The Crow module with an NPC sheet and the compendium open to the Reborn Hero page.

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