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Earthdawn Questors

Latest version12.0.0
Minimum Core11
Compatible Core12
Last updated1 month ago
Created2 years ago
Systems Earthdawn4e
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An age of magic once existed in our world. Lost to history, this time is remembered in the echoes of myth and legend. Humans lived alongside the other Namegiver races—dwarf and elf, troll and ork, windling, t'krang and obsidiman. The wild places of the world were home to griffins, shadowmants, and other fantastic beasts.
A cover image for the Earthdawn Fourth Edition Game Master's Guide

The mysterious, powerful beings known as the Passions have watched over the people of Barsaive for as long as anybody can remember. They embody the ideals that make civilization possible: Justice, freedom, love, and more.

Those who dedicate their lives to pursuing the ideals of a single Passion serve their fellow Namegivers, supporting them as they go about their daily lives. Whether itinerant or settled, they are valued members of the community, bringing the Passions’ power and inspiration to the common folk. They are Questors.

But even the Passions aren’t immune to the damage caused by the Horrors. Three of their number went insane during the Scourge, and are now dark reflections of their old ideals. And they have questors of their own.

Questors for Foundry VTT contains:

  • New Items for all the Questor Devotions included in the physical book
  • Complete rules for creating Questor characters and for becoming a Questor during play
  • Twelve in-world essays, detailing the point of view of Questors of each Passion
  • A complete set of Discipline items detailing game stats for each Questor type
  • All artwork from the book, both in the journal entries and in a separate folder, ready to be used in your own Earthdawn creations

Purchasing the Module

You can purchase Earthdawn Questors from the FASA Games store!

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