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Minimum Core0.5.3
Compatible Core0.7.0
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With the impending release of 0.7.x work on dynamic effects will be limited to bug fixes and will NOT be made comaptible with versions greater than 0.7.0. Dynamic Active Effects (DAE) has been released (and is still beta) but does work with 0.7.1+. Please use that instead going forwards.

  • Dynamic effects lets you apply item based effects to your character or targeted tokens, adding/decreasing attack/damage bonuses, increasing/decreasing maximum hit points, changing alignment, in fact almost any field on the character sheet can be adjusted by dynamiceffects.
  • The module is not dnd5e dependent, although there is additional support for dnd5e.
  • All of the changes exist in game only, the saved version of the actor remains unchanged, with the excpetion that active effect modifiers are stored in a flag so they can be reapplied when the game reloads.

You must be on DND5e 0.95 or later if using this module with dnd.

Dynamiceffects changes the way saving throws are rolled for dnd5e and the standard ability saving throws. The save bonus for ability saves (as updated by dynamiceffects) is used rather than mod+proficiency. This change will be removed for foundry 0.7.x

Effects are created/edited from the item sheet which has an additional tab, Effects.

Please see the and for more information, there are lots of non-obvious behaviours in dynamiceffects and reading those documents will help you get better use of the module.

Change Log

0.5.14 fix bug when importing characters (json/dnd beyond) and incompatibiltiy with better npc sheet.

0.5.15 Added DynamicEffects.setTileVisibility() function 

0.5.16 fix another bug on empty fields. Only add "+" on string effects on second and subsequent fields

0.5.17 Included PR from @shads2 that allows and additional parameter to teleportToToken being the scene name. This allows you to reuse token names on different scenes.

0.5.18 added moveToken function (similar to teleportToToken, but just deletes and recreates the token).

0.5.19 Cleaned up the presentation of skills abilities to display the list of available abilities - rather than a text field which could break actors quite badly. Removed unusable check_all specifier. Cleaned up initiative specifiers a bit. Put back Skills All to add a numeric bonus to any skill roll. 
0.5.20 Added Dynamiceffects.fixAbilities to correct problems with actors whose skills ability field was set incorrectly.

0.5.21 Restored compatibility with effects changing spell slots.

0.5.22 undid breakage for pf1/pf2 - still does not work all that well - but does not fail completely

0.5.23 fix for spellDC calculation - thanks  @kiovml / removed some debug that was left behind

0.5.24 improved handling of numeric fields

0.5.25 changed player can see effects to none/view/edit. If the player is trusted and edit is true players can edit dynamiceffects details.

added di.all, dr.all and dv.all effects
0.5.26 fixed error in effects editor for damage vulnerabilities.
v0.5.27 Added macro.execute active effect - see not below
Improved actorEffect chat card - note macro effects do not (currently) show up as active effects.
incorporated @kiov PR
v0.5.28 added PRs from @kiov and @ohporter
Put back convert loot to equipment function.
v0.5.29 remove dependency on furnace for dynamiceffects to load
v0.5.30 added armor proficiencies as a drop down list
v0.5.31 remove extra debug line left in
v0.5.32 allow trusted players to edit all fields of an item
0.5.33 foundry 0.5.6 compatibile
v0.5.34 support text duration fields (uses for scheduleing active effect removal if about-time installed.
Do not schedule removal if no duration is present.
v0.5.3.39 fixes for duration fields (multiple iterations).
Fix for duplication of bonuses application and inability to change flag fields.
Patch dnd5e to use rather than ability.mod + prof for rolling saving throws.
v0.5.5.41 fixed various oddities when updating actors due to a previous patch. v0.9 compatibility, update ko.json from kr.json YOU MUST BE ON DND 0.9 to use this version
v0.5.48 fix for some aargument expressions not being properly evaluated when passed as active effects
update ko.json

v0.5.51 fix for skills calculations which were overwritten in 0.91
fix for passive skills bonus to be applied at the correct point
fix for pact slots
fix for other module flags - only track/keep game system flags.
added baseData() - actor.baseData() returns the unmomidifed character data (i.e. before dynamicEffects is applied) only useful to macro writers
Added which covers some of the internals of dynamiceffects, what passive/active effects are and has a couple of sample macros

v0.5.53/0.5.52 Fix for @Lookups getting broken by dynamiceffects
fix for tab selection defaulting back to description - thanks @sdenec
put back spell slots/spell uses
For most cases the only spell fields you can usefully alter with dynamiceffects is override and that can only be set to a value. For more info have a look at

0.5.56 added weapon proficiences as drop down

v0.5.57 fix for proficiency value being correctly added to the saves/skills/checks

v0.5.58-0.5.63 added conditions as active effects - requires cub to do anything

v0.5.64 put back see invisible experimental patch

v0.5.65 fix for double adding of saving throw global bonus

vb0.5.66 add chinese language support

Added support for conditions as effects. Requires combat-utility-belt v0.1.2 or later and will use that to apply conditions to tokens.
0.5.71-0.5.75 bug fixes for saving throws, conditions, module checking and other omissions in previous releases

V0.5.76-80 various bug fixes:
changes for premade items and macros - cleaned up.  
fix for tokens that are invisible and have no actor and experimental control visible mod turned on. 
put back default dnd5e conditions for condition immunities  
merge pt-BR  
pass total damage to macros so they know what was applied. If a single token is target the actual damage is passed.  
fix self targeting issues  
added fr.json  
improvements to invisiable token management - seems to work fine now - may even remove experimental tag.  

0.5.81 Fix for item macros  

v0.5.82 Added @unique tag to item macros to allow saving of state between "on" and "off" calls to macro  



日本語 - Thanks to @BrotherSharp
kr - Thanks to @KLO
中文 - Thanks to @xtlcme

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