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Drop My Torch contains macros and set of tokens used to easily handle a character lighting and later dropping a held light source.



You can install this module automatically by inputting the following module URL:


Once activated in a game world, import the "Drop My Torch tokens" and "Drop My Torch macros" compendiums into your Actors and Macros.

As yet, the light values are set to those of D&D 5e. Pathfinder 1e support is planned for a future update.



Add the "Drop Torch" and "Light Torch" macros to your macro hotbar. Select one or more tokens, then activate the Light Torch macro. A dialog box appears to change which light source the selected tokens are holding. Click the appropriate button, then close. When one or more tokens drop their light source, select those tokens, and activate the Drop Torch macro. An appropriate token will be created in the bottom-right corner of each selected character token, then the character token will be set to not emit light.


Fully Supported Lights

Token Dim Light Radius Bright Light Radius
Torch (default) 40  20 
Lamp  45  15
Hooded Lantern (open) 60  30 
Hooded Lantern (closed) 5 0
Bullseye Lantern 120  60 
Candle  10 


Partially Supported Lights

Token Dim Light Radius Bright Light Radius
Light Cantrip 40 20
Darkness Spell 0 -15 (Darkness)


Player Permissions

Installed as described above, only the GM user can use the macro. In order for players to use the macro, set all players as owners of the imported Actor tokens, grant Observer rights on the "Drop Torch" macro, and enable "Create New Tokens" in the Foundry Permission Configuration.



The "Light Torch" macro was heavily inspired by the "Light Picker" macro from Foundry Community Macros (

Art for the tokens were kitbashed from Forgetten Adventures ( map making assets. If you like this module, go buy maps or character tokens from them so the art styles will match perfectly.

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