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Dragonshorn Tales - The Dead Mines (5e/3.5e)

Latest version1.5.7
Minimum Core0.8.0
Compatible Core9
Last updated6 months ago
Created7 months ago
Systems D35E
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The smoke rises from the abandoned mine again. A group of orcs started digging, trying to get inside the ruins, driven by the power that is beyond their understanding. A young scholar is looking for a long-lost truth. And deep down, an ancient evil is lurking, waiting for a fool to release it once more…


Game Ready!

The Dead Mines is a two-session adventure for a party of 5th level characters designed for the 5th and 3.5 edition of the world's most popular role-playing game. Featuring a closed story that is designed so you can drop into any campaign or play it standalone, new monsters and items, this adventure is sure to put your players on their toes. Will you be brave enough to prevent the return of a Demon Lord?

This module is fully prepared to be imported into any running game and used right away. Scenes are filled with monsters and NPCs, journal entries are linked together and handouts are ready to be presented! 

Easy to Install

To import data into your world, use the Import Adventure button on the welcome screen! The adventure will be imported into the currently running game, sorted into correct folders, and ready to use!

Where to purchase

You can buy The Dead Mines directly on Dragonshorn Store for $9.95 ($12.95 with a bundled PDF):


  • An epic 4 part story, worth 2-3 sessions of gameplay
  • 5 new maps (with walls, lights - and all monsters already placed in correct positions)!
  • Fantastic music by Tabletop Music Bazaar, with a custom theme song for the adventure!
  • 6 new monsters, with statblocks and token art!
  • 2 new magic items


If you find any issues with the package or you did not get the license key from Dragonshorn Store/DTRPG, message Rughalt#4238 on the Foundry VTT Discord channel!

Module Screenshots

A screenshot depicting a dungeon scene
A screenshot depicting  burning mine entrance scene
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