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Dragonshorn Tales - The Hostile Takeover (5e/3.5e)

Latest version1.3.2
Minimum Core0.8.2
Compatible Core10
Last updated9 months ago
Created1 year ago
Systems D35E
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A goblin merchant asks for help. His employees are missing and counterfeit products are pushing his own out of the market. Everything points to Crotan's Exquisite Crunches... so its time to make a hostile takeover!

Hostile Takeover is a one-shot adventure for a party of 1st-level characters (with scaling provided for running at level 4) where adventurers will be able to help Dodger, the goblin cracker merchant, solve the case of his missing employees... and the secret behind counterfeit crackers flooding the market!

About Rhaxir’s Lost Treasures

  • A short urban-themed adventure with multiple pathways and tons of bad guys to deal with!

  • A story that may introduce a new recurring ally for the players... or kickstart a whole campaign!

  • Setting agnostic - the adventure can take place in any high fantasy world!

Game Ready!

This module is fully prepared to be imported into any running game and used right away. Scenes are filled with monsters and NPCs, journal entries are linked together and handouts are ready to be presented! 

Easy to Install

To import data into your world, use the Import Adventure button on the welcome screen! You will be able to select the level you want to import the adventure at and the adventure will be imported into the currently running game, sorted into correct folders, and ready to use! 


  • A setting agnostic adventure for low-level characters with an emphasis on combat and problem-solving.

  • 3 new maps, fully walled and lit with monsters waiting to fight!

  • Custom tokens for all monsters!

Module Screenshots

A screenshot depicting a wilderness with an open Journal Character sheet
A screenshot depicting a wilderness with an open Journal Character sheet
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