Dragonshorn Tales - Adamantine Vault (5e/3.5e)

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Dwarven Adamantine Vaults are places from legends. Said to contain uncounted riches of the ancient dwarven lords, they are nigh impenetrable, and stealing from them is said to be impossible. Only those who have the keys—now largely lost—can enter those places… and even if that is not true, those who have found other ways in will never share their secrets.

The Adamantine Vault is a small dungeon crawl for parties at level 4 (with scaling for level 6 parties provided), where adventurers can uncover what lies inside an ancient dwarven vault. 

About the Adamantine Vault

  • Easy to import adventure module, working with 5th edition (dnd5e) and 3rd edition (D35E) systems
  • A beautiful, fully lit and walled map, with monsters set up and ready to fight!
  • Three new monsters with custom token art!
  • New item with custom icon!


Rughalt’s Grimoire of Dungeon Adventures features 5 fully developed dungeon crawls for multiple levels of play, with new monsters, items, and spells! Each dungeon comes with a small, self-contained quest, a multitude of traps and riddles, and fantastic treasures to find!

Inside Rughalt’s Grimoire of Dungeon Adventures, you will find:

  • Five dungeons with traps, riddles, and incredible treasures, balanced around multiple levels of play

  • Beautiful, hand-drawn maps for each dungeon

  • New monsters to pit against your players, with illustrations and tokens ready to use!

  • Fully illustrated magic items for your party to find!

The grimoire will also be available as a PDF, interactive book (think D&D Beyond-like website!) and in the form of a premium module for Foundry VTT!

Are you ready to delve?


Check the Grimoire on Kickstarter!

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