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Avernus landing page, plus some artwork. All ready to start your new campaign!

It's a landing page I created for my further Descent into Avernus campaign. Here are some guidelines on how you can easily configure this screen. You can also scrap it to the ground and build it your way!



  • Nothing extraordinary here. I used the core text font to indicate what can appear in the book. Feel free to add your notes for the main quests, side quests etc.
  • On the right hand side there is a player list where you can put your PC's names, class, level.


There is a folder on the module with the artwork used for this page and just to let you know - not all artwork is visible on the screen. This is for you to add some additional bookmarks, ornaments.

  • ornaments and bloodrings can be moved around as those are tiles
  • additionally bloodrings frames are overheads, just to cover PC portrait a little
  • bloodrings comes with two versions soft (you can see it on the screen) and gore (in artwork folder)
  • there are couple more bookmark colors in artwork folder


I have created a special folder for Actor Portraits in order to place them in the book. Those are not supposed to be PCs, but rather a graphic representation of them. In my campaign they have the same portraits as PC's tokens

  • round tokens are made with RollAdvantage site
  • if you'd like your tokens in a red frame, here is the color code for Roll Advantage: CD1616

Triggers (Trigger Happy module)

There is a nice possibility to make the page even more interactive using the Trigger Happy module. While I'm writing this I do hope I'll be able to release my module with dependency to Trigger Happy, so it will download automatically along. You can add bookmarks and make them a trigger to jump to other handy maps or screens.


Baldur's Gate map is on the separate screen. I could use an image in journal notes, but I decided to make it as a screen, to enable adding the journal entries in specific points on the map and zooming.


There is a sick piece of music by Travis Savoie in the audio folder. Travis created the whole playlist for DiA and you can listen it here

Join his channel and subscribe :)


I hope you'll enjoy the landing page. I just present you the way I would set it up. You do you :)

 If you like it and want to see my other works, join my patreon and discord



[“Avernus Landing Page - by dransky is unofficial Fan Content permitted under  the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of  the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.”]

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