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Created2 years ago
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My take on the open theme Dracula and Dracula UI for Foundry VTT. Heavily inspired by theripper93's Argon Combat Hud

It is relatively system agnostic because most of the reskinning is for core foundry. Keep in mind it will likely not play well with systems that use a lot of system specific theming. D&D 5e will have the most support/integration due to it being my main system.

The module will likely remain relatively static aside from a few tweaks here and there or additional module compatibility. I made this theme mostly out of a dislike for light UIs and a love for the Dracula colour scheme and I got what I wanted out of it, but I also know there were a few people who wanted to use it and likely more who also hate light UIs.

I'm also publishing this as a foundation / skeleton for anyone else who wants to dip into modifying Foundry into a darker UI or experimenting with the Foundry UI.

TyphonJS, who helped me with a significant portion of this, is making his own theme with Dracula as a foundation with dynamic colour theming, palettes, and other colour-based additions.

If you see something off, let me know and I'll see what I can do.


Dracula with no other modules: 

Vanilla Foundry 1

Vanilla Foundry

Complementary Modules

Argon Combat Hud

Minimal UI

Tidy5e Sheet (Dark)



TyphonJS for helping me by introducing me to sass, module implementation, for refactoring my code, and helping me keep the theme more organized

theripper93 for encouraging me to make this a module

You! for reading this and hopefully using it too




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