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DND5E QOL features that don't have a good home elsewere.

  •  Clean Rolls: When enabled the roll formulas with "+ +" "+ -" should be converted to a single "+" or "-". Requires libwrapper.
  •  Ammunition Selector: When enabled, any time a weapon with ammo is used a dialog appears prompting you to choose the ammunition to use. If there is no suitable ammunition the weapon roll is blocked. This version does not require midi-qol, just dnd5e. Enabling is a client setting so each player can choose to enable it. Thanks @Lukas and @Krigsmaskine
  • Lukas' Character Sheet Filter: This provides a filter field on character sheets to filter (by name) items/spells/features. Thanks @Lukas
  •  Lukas' Fade Unprepared Spells: Spells that are not prpepared are faded out on display. Thanks @Lukas
  • Lukas' Item rarity colors: Color item inventory lines according to the item's rarity. Thanks @Lukas
  •  Auto Item Rechage:  When enabled at the start of an actors turn items with a recharge will have their recahrge rolled.
  • Legendary Recharge:  When enabled legendary actions will be reset at the start of the actors turn.
  • Token Resizer: When enabled adds a resizer icon to the token controls sidebar to allow setting selected tokens size. requires warpgate.
  • Roll Unlinked Toeken HP:  When enabled an unlinked token dropped to the canvas will have it's Hp auto rolled.
  • "Alternative Advantage" which allows you to specify a roll formula to add/subtract to a roll for advantage/disadvantage instead of rolling 2 dice.
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