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This module provides a safe and easy to use UI to add new skills or abilities to your player's characters or to hide the default skills and abilities. Many system built around dnd 5e uses new skills, or you specific campaign may need a new skill specific for your settings, here is the solution.



This module makes the necessary changes to player character actors data, no modification to the system or core data, everything is reversible and most changes are just in memory.


Character sheet compatibility

  • Default DND5e Character Sheet: full
  • Tidy 5e Sheet: full
  • OGL Character sheet: partial


Module Usage

The module allow the creation of Abilities and skills. If the default number of ability and skills is not enough you can increase it.

Go to the module configuration section, choose an "Ability Name" or "Skill Name", set it as active and save! If a new actor is created than is necessary to go back to settings and save again.

If not marked as Activated the Ability or Skill will not appear on character sheet, to remove an Ability or skill you can deactivate it.

For Skills you can also select the ability it depends on.


After saving Characters will get updated ( you may need to close and reopen the character sheet.)


You can normally click on new skills or ability to make a roll, add proficiencies etc.

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The module also allow to hide default abilities and skills if not needed for your game. (those will still exists in the system, just visually hidden on character sheets).




  • My skills or abilities doesn't appear on character sheet, what should I do?
    • There are different reasons for this. Try this: go to the module configuration disable your ability or skill and save, than enable it and save the settings again. Also if the actor is recently created, you should save the settings again to include it.
  • I changed a skill or ability name but on character sheet I see the old name, why?
    • To change a skill or ability name you have to follow exactly the following steps: disable it; save; rename; save; enable it again; and save again. In this order.

Unistalling / Clean all skills and abilities

Before uninstalling this module is recommended to follow the steps below:

  • Switch to default character sheet for every actor.
  • Open module configuration panel and hit reset button.
  • Now save clicking on "Apply changes to world"
  • Reload your world.


If you forgot to do it you can reactivate the module, follow the steps and uninstall again.

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