D&D Item Icons by Gwillewyn [Deprecated]

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D&D Item Icons [Deprecated]

This package is being discontinued and replaced by D&D Item Compendium by Gwillewyn . The new package contains all artwork from this package, as well as additonal items, sorted in (Foundry version 11) compendiums.

880+ coloured vector images of items from D&D5e. Vector images are small in file size and infinitely scalable.

The module includes

  • Most mundane items from Dungeon Master's Guide (DMG) and Player Handbook (PHB)
    • Adventuring Gear
    • Ammunition
    • Armour
    • Food and Drink
    • Gaming Sets
    • Instruments
    • Mounts
    • Spellcasting foci
    • Tools, Kits, and Artisan Tools
    • Trade Good
    • Vehicles
    • Weapons
  • Some Treasure items from DMG and PHB. (Some oddly specific ones have been made more generic. Some I just didn't feel like making.)
  • All Magic Potions from DMG
  • Various Magic Items
  • Spell components from PHB, Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, and Xanathar's Guide to Everything. Nowhere near everything, but I've tried to make those things that are very specific, hard to find, has a gold value, and any items that get consumed. Basically anything the DM might argue about whether or not you have.
  • And anything I just felt like making.

Certain items that I find it unreasonable to literally carry around with you, such as livestock and vehicles, are represented by a deed or receipt to keep in your inventory. Some items come in more than one design for a bit of variety.

Additional items include:

  • A multitude of generic bottles and vials with various coloured content
  • Unspecific generic gemstones of a variety of colours
  • Scrolls and Books
  • Items referred to in starting equipment and toolkits that have no specified individual weight or value listed
  • Items of (to me) unknown origin that my party has been awarded in various campaigns
  • Things I just felt like making

Items are mostly sorted by type in subfolders. Some items that have multiple types are placed wherever I feel like it, or in some cases have variants in several folders.

Credit distribute their icons under the terms of the Creative Commons 3.0 BY license, and by extention, so do I. Exact credits can be found in my Google Sheets where I try to keep track of my mess.

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