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Deadlands the Weird West Map Pack

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Chart the Weird, Wild West!

This Pack contains EIGHT maps from our Deadlands: the Weird West Town Maps lit, walled, and ready to use as scenes.

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  • The Grand Saloon & Surroundings The first place for any thirsty traveler to stop in any town in the Weird West is the Grand Saloon — at least until they learn about other places with cheaper rotgut - detailing one lavish saloon, an undertaker, printing office, marshal’s office, jail, banks, and more.
  • Boot Hill & Surroundings Boot Hill includes: a church, schoolhouse, assay office, saloon, boarding house, and many more classic western locations.
  • End of the Line! & Surroundings This pack contains maps for use in many of your games, but especially any Deadlands: the Weird West ones partner! End of the Line! features a railroad station, an expensive hotel, printers, a lumberyard, a laundry, and other classic western buildings.
  • Ambush Pass! & Wilderness Ambush Pass features wilderness terrain ideal for use in Deadlands: Blood Drive, but allows for a dusty ambush of any party that wanders out into the wilds.
  • Illustrated by Jon Taylor.


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