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Elven Tower - Die with your Boots On

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Compatible Core10
Last updated6 months ago
Created11 months ago
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Die with your Boots On

In Die With Your Boots On, a group of level-6 approach a tavern by the road only to learn that an orc horde approaches because they want to kidnap Princess Melda. The princess hides in Bloodpeak Castle, a fortress in the mountains that is mostly abandoned. It serves as the royals' summer house a few days a year. The young princess defied her father's orders, threw a tantrum, and fled alone to the castle; endangering herself and dozens of loyal soldiers.

The princess is unsatisfied with the king's decision over her future wedding suitors. A seasoned veteran named Sir Galadius is in charge of the defense of both a mountain outpost and Bloodpeak Castle itself. The orc horde is upon them and the veteran knows that reinforcements from the capital won't arrive quick enough to make a difference. The characters, Sir Galadius, and their small, fifty-strong garrison shall suffice to defend the castle and bring Princess Melda back to the capital..

Elven Tower Cartography features full-colored, hand-drawn, digital maps, and professionally produced adventures for DND5e.


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Elven Tower Cartography features full-colored, hand-drawn, digital maps. Benefit from Foundry VTT’s great wall delimitation and illumination to make the best of your campaign.

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