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Dungeon Crawl Classics: The Portal Under The Stars

Latest version0.0.9
Minimum Core12
Compatible Core12
Last updated2 weeks ago
Created2 years ago
Languages English
Systems Dcc
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A Level 0 Adventure by Joseph Goodman

Eons ago, a primitive war-wizard ruled this land with the aid of barbarian tribes and strange creatures from beyond the stars. When his mortal form was close to expiration, his alien allies instructed him to seal himself away in a protected tomb. Within the tomb, the war-wizard could then use astral projection to travel the stars beyond our world. He intended to return later to take possession of his mortal body, which his spirit could do when the stars were properly aligned. However, the war-wizard’s extraplanar adventures did not go as planned. Now his body sits perfectly preserved in the tomb he built, protected by enchantments and the remains of his barbarian hordes. If these defenses can be bested, the treasures within are ripe for the taking…

This is the classic Level 0 'funnel' adventure from the DCC Core Book, pre-rigged for use in Foundry VTT!  It includes all the content from the official Goodman Games VTT Map and Token Pack, so you have Doug Kovacs art ready to go!


Purchase this adventure module from the Goodman Games Online Store.


The book text is available in English only.  This module is not licensed for additional languages, and creating such translations would need to be worked out directly with Goodman Games.

Purchased licenses are not transferrable.

Converted By: The DCC Foundry Volunteer Team (Specifically Steve Barnett).


Note that the screenshots below container spoilers for this module; do not scroll down if you don't want spoilers!


Product Cover Art


Portal Downstairs Screenshot


Portal Handouts


Portal Enemy



Visit the FoundryVTT DCC Discord to get your questions answered about this product.

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