3.5e for Foundry VTT

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Created3 years ago
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3.5e implementation for Foundry VTT

Created from love for old RPGs based on 3.5e, this systems aims to provide full 3.5e implementation and system flexible enough for anything else, with useful automations to help smooth out the gameplay both for GMs and Players.


System Screenshot


This system provides character sheet support for Actors and Items, support for systems like Psionics, Containers, and Shapechange and ever-growing compendiums with data on Monsters, Classes (along with features), Spells, Feats, Magic Items*!  (Plus we have a custom skin if you are into that kind of things.)


*Some of them are currently descriptive only, as the system is in heavy development.


Just search for 3.5e SRD in the Foundry system browser and click install! It is that simple!

Documentation and Wiki

You can read more on how to use the system on System Wiki


You can find me - and other system users - on project Discord Community or message me - Rughalt#4238 - on Foundry Discord Community!


If you find any bugs or have a feature request, you can visit project GitLab issues and see if some are already posted there and if not - you can add them so they won't be forgotten.


Originally based LoopeeDK conversion of Furyspark's Pathfinder1 system.  Assets used in background map by Forgotten Adventures (

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3 years ago

So much fun to have this available for Foundry – many thanks Rughalt!

3 years ago

So happy that this exists, extremely well made and updated very frequently not only to fix bugs but to add new and fun features!

3 years ago

Plain awesome.

3 years ago

I spent 6 years and 8100+ hours running 3.5 D&D games on Roll20 dealing with game breaking bugs and lack of version specific support. I switched to The Foundry with the release of this system wanting a better experience. I can not convey the joy that this system has brought to my games. The implementation of the rules in this system is the best on The Foundry. The development has been amazing and includes features that as a 40+ year gamer I didn’t know I was missing or wanting. I have gone from being a gamer paying for two Pro accounts on my old VTT to a proud Patreon of this system and developer. I look forward every day to new and exciting content from the 3.5 SRD team.

3 years ago

I’ve been playing D&D since the late 70’s, moved to VTT about a year ago on Roll20. Did a lot to get the 3.5 system working the way I wanted it, it was a painful but ultimately rewarding experience
Then I discovered Foundry. Liked it but the systems at the time didn’t have the functionality that I had managed to shoe horn into Roll20.

Then Rughalt blew me away with this system. He has put so much into it that I would find it hard to move anywhere else. His system seems to have more in it than I could have imagined possible

3 years ago

Really well implemented system, the possibilities with this system over other vtts are immense

3 years ago

I’m continually amazed by this system. Rughalt has built an amazingly complete and functional system. There is just so much stuff supported out of the box in this 3.5 system…so much automation and well-built out-of-the-box content. I came from Roll20 had so much customization/scripting that I had to do over there, it’s just not required here. We play 5E as well and I find myself frustrated at some of the things missing in that system that are built into this one. Rughalt is also very active in developing this and supporting users on his Discord. Fantastic!

3 years ago

Increíble sistem module

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