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This is a module for use in conjunction with the Cypher System game system for Foundry VTT. The Cypher System Compendium expands the Cypher System game system with compendia with pre-made items, actors, and scenes. The following compendia are included:

  • Abilities, including the Pool point cost.
  • Ammo.
  • Armor, sorted by genre and including the Armor value and Speed point cost.
  • Artifacts, sorted by genre and including the levels and depletion of the artifcats.
  • Cyphers, sorted by genre, including the levels of the cyphers.
  • Equipment, sorted by genre.
  • Meeples, generic NPC tokens, in five colors for levels 1 through 10 with the corresponding default values, which you can use if you quickly need more NPCs on your map.
  • Scenes with home scenes that can be used in theater-of-the-mind style games. There are different areas to sort your tokens on the scene.
  • Weapons, sorted by genre and including damage, weapon type, and keywords for properties (such as rapid-fire weapon).

No descriptive text or rules for the items is included, only game terms and associated numerical values. All items from the MCG published books come with page references, which turn into clickable links if the corresponding PDF is created as a journal entry within Foundry using PDFoundry.

Note that the compendia, especially the one with abilities, contain a large number of items. It’s not advised to import everything into a world, as that will hit performance and might even lead to crashes of Foundry. Only import what you really need. For most cases, no import is needed at all.

Setting up Clickable References in Items

There’s no setup needed to use the module, but if you want the references to be clickable links, make sure that PDFoundry is installed and enabled in the module settings. Then, create the PDFs as journal entries. Two things are important:

  1. Make sure that you name the journal entry exactly as shown in the table below. The title is case sensitive.

  2. Most MCG PDFs need a page offset of 2. See the table for details:

Title Page Offset
Claim the Sky 2
Cypher System Rulebook 2
First Responders 2
Godforsaken 2
Ptolus 2
Stay Alive 2
The Banewarrens 0
The Origin 2
The Stars Are Fire 2
We Are All Mad Here 2

Customizing Scenes

The scenes are all ready to go, but at the same time, can’t be customized. The one exception is Home Scene [Template], which has the overlay set up as a tile, so that you can use your own custom backgrounds. For this to work, your background image must have a size of 4000×2250 px.

Support and Community

The Cypher FVTT Dev Discord is where the development of the system and this module is coordinated and their futures discussed, but anyone is welcome to join and share best practices, ask questions on how to use the system, and share self-created resources for your games.

You can also reach me on the official Foundry Discord or via Discord DM: @mrkwnzl#7407.

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If the Cypher System Compendium makes your games more accessible and fun, I’m grateful for a coffee:

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Fan Use Policy

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