Cypher System Active Effects

Latest version2.5.0
Minimum Core11
Compatible Core11.315
Last updated3 months ago
Created1 year ago
Languages English
Systems Cyphersystem
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This module provides support for Active Effects on all Actors and Items for the Cypher System game system (version 2.6.0 and later).


The module is available from the module's tab of the Foundry setup screen.

It can also be installed manually by using the following manifest link:


Simply enable the module within your Cypher System world and a new "FX" tab will appear in the Actor and Item sheets.

The core Foundry functionality is then available for active effects, such as the effects on Items being inherited by the owning Actor.

Effects placed on Items which are archived, or tags/recursions which are not active, will have their effects automatically disabled/enabled when their state changes.

Active Effects can be associated with a token status, so when the effect is active on the actor then the corresponding status is shown on the Actor's token.

Transfer Effect(s) to Target(s)

To have an effect applied to the target of an ability, simply add the effect to the ability and ensure that "transfer to actor" is NOT checked. When the ability is used an additional icon will appear in the chat card which will allow the effect to be applied to the currently target token(s). (e.g. have a combat action of "Unarmed (Bash)" which will have an effect which can be transferred to the target, and cause the targetted token to be given the "Stunned" state.)

Option: Show status on Actors which are Impaired or Debilititated

The module adds two new statuses to Tokens - Impaired (broken arm) and Debilitated (broken heart). The display of the statuses on the token will match the damage track state - and applying or removing the status on the token will update the linked Actor's damage track state.

Option: Modify pool's current value whenever maximum is changed (EXPERIMENTAL)

There is a module option which apply any change in a pool's maximum value also to the pool's current value. (So when an effect or the user changes the maximum value, the pool will maintain the same number of USED points by adjusting the current value accordingly.) (NOTE: This interferes with the "Stat Modifiers" in recursions and exclusive tags, so should probably be disabled if playing The Strange.)

Other Modules

libWrapper (mandatory)

This is a hard-dependency that must be enabled. It allows this module to hook into and change some core functionality.

Active Token Effects (optional)

When Active Token Effects is installed, then the "ATL." prefix can be put on a token attribute in order for the effect to modify the token on the owning actor.

Times Up (optional)

Allows effects to automatically expire when their duration has been reached - provides an option to disable the effect, rather than delete it.

Dynamic Active Effects (optional)

Allows many more effects to be created and is more flexible when transferring effects to targets. (Note that version 10.0.35 and 10.0.36 do not work with any system other than dnd5e)

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