Cypher System Custom Sheets

Latest versionv0.3.3
Minimum Core10
Compatible Core9
Last updated1 year ago
Created2 years ago
Languages English
Systems Cyphersystem
Dependencies Cypher System
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This module replaces the default Cypher System PC sheet with alternate character sheets inspired by MCG settings and other generic themes.

Numenera Amber Monolith Claim the Sky Superheroes Godforsaken Dark Archer
GotF Hellmaw Stars Are Fire Starfighter Stay Alive Surrounded


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The following image was used under the Pixabay License: Free for commercial use and no attribution required.

Monte Cook Games

The following images were used in accordance with MCG's Fan Use Policy. These images and artwork have not been altered. MCG legal notice (TM and ©2021 Monte Cook Games, LLC.) and the artist name are displayed in a visible and legible manner.

  • "Cypher System Rulebook 11 Robert Pitturru"
  • "Godforsaken 50 Angelo Peluso"
  • "Gods of the Fall 07 Matt Stawicki"
  • "The Stars Are Fire 55 Katerina Ladon"
  • "Predation 14 Lie Setiawan"
  • "Ptolus 002 Federico Musetti"
  • "Cypher System Rulebook 4 Matt Stawicki"
  • "The Stars Are Fire 03 Katerina Ladon"
  • "Cypher System Rulebook 03 Martin DeDiego"
  • "Cypher System Rulebook 05 Martin DeDiego"
  • "Unmasked 11 Cathy Wilkins"
  • "The Strange Matt Stawicki"
  • "We Are All Mad Here 17 Nino Vecia"
  • "Godforsaken 72 Roberto Pitturru"
  • "MCG Numenera Obelisk of the Water God"
  • "MCG Numenera Amber Monolith"
  • "Gods of the Fall 13 Grzegorz Pedrycz"
  • "Cypher System Rulebook 21 Matt Stawicki"
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