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CyberpunkRED for FoundryVTT

About this System

This is an in-development system for CyberpunkRED. Obviously, since the core rulebook isn't out yet, this is not yet complete. It currently aligns with the rules in the CyberpunkRED Jumpstart Kit. Currently, focus is on the character sheet. Basic token actions will be added once I have everything in the chracter sheet tested.

Known Issues

  • 0.421 - None


If you wish to make suggestions, please use the Github issue tracker or join my Discord:

Github issue tracker: Create Github Issue

Discord: Join Discord Server (Then react to announcement message to join channel)

Change Log

Please see the link below for details on each release (Including any changes or bugfixes in the "In Development" release and plans for future releases):

Release Notes


0.421 - Bugfix Release 12/19/2020 - Compatability with FVTT 0.7.9

0.42 - Release 12/09/2020 - Beta (New die roller and multiple small updates)

0.41 - Released 11/25/2020 - Beta (Continued implementation of changes in Core Rulebook)

0.40 - Released 11/17/2020 - Beta (Continued implementation of changes in Core Rulebook)

0.39 - Released 11/14/2020 - Beta (Initial support for Core Rulebook)

0.38 - Released 10/27/2020 - Beta (Test of FVTT 0.7.5)

0.37 - Released 10/1/2020 - Beta

0.36 - Released 9/24/2020 - Beta

0.35 - Released 9/21/2020 - Beta (Minor Bugfixes)

0.34 - Released 9/20/2020 - Beta

0.33 - Released 8/25/2020 - Beta

0.32 - Released 8/04/2020 - Beta (Bugfix Release)

0.31 - Released 6/30/2020 - Beta

0.30 - Released 6/15/2020 - Beta

0.29 - Released 6/06/2020 - Beta

0.28 - Released 6/02/2020 - Beta

0.27 - Released 5/28/2020 - Alpha

0.26 - Released 5/27/2020 - Alpha

0.25 - Released 5/27/2020 - Alpha

Current Features

  • GM can choose between Jumpstart Kit and Core Rulebook
  • The GM can set System Setttings to define the desired die roll (d10, d10x10, etc) to customize for their own campaign. (Note: The current FoundryVTT die roll syntax does not have a die roll command that exactly matches the rules in CyberpunkRED. This is a known issue planned for a fix in the future.)
  • Initiative is automatically rolled in the standard encounter system of FoundryVTT.
  • An item system for cyberware, weapons, and gear so the GM can create items and players can equip them, and receive the appropriate stat boost.

Upcoming Features

  • Token and action bar features for those who want that kind of thing.
  • And more, once the core rulebook is out.
  • More information is available in the Readme.


  • This sheet was initially based on the boilerplate system by @asacolips#1867 (
  • The html, css, js, and json files turning this into a Cyberpunk RED system were all created by @gerdofal#0763
  • The images used as borders are from @ELH#5618
  • Many thanks to all those in the #system-development channel who have helped answer questions as this was created, especially to the moderators who make a huge difference every day!
  • Thanks to R Talsorian for allowing the use of the program names and hacking actions which they created for Cyberpunk RED.


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3 years ago

A work in progress for sure, but it works well.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x