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## Lancer QoL

This module has become a grab-bag of anything I can code that
helps me run my Lancer games in Foundry VTT. This includes automating
wreck images, some condition effects, reaction reminders, etc.

### Condition Effects

- Adds an orange glow effect to tokens when in the `Danger Zone`.
- Adds a blue glow effect to tokens when they have `Overshield`.
- Adds a flame effect to tokens when they have `Burn`.
- Adds an electric field effect to tokens that are `Jammed`.
- Adds a ghostly effect to tokens that are `Invisible`.
- Wreck - Applies a random wreck image to a token.

### Reaction Reminder

When a token that you own is targeted and has reaction systems,
have a pop-up window or chat message to remind you to use them.

![reaction reminder chat message](images/reactionReminder.png)

### Effects Timer :warning:

This is a beta feature to try and have some automation to remove
conditions from tokens in combat after a set number of turns and

### Macros

This will add a macro compendium to your game.
- Scan to Journal - This scans a token and creates a journal entry for
  player reference.
- HP0 - A macro that is aware of scratched paint the can replace the
  built in Lancer system automation for structure.
- Update Ammo Cases - A macro that will try to update all mechs with
  proper Ammo Case systems based on their current pilot talents.

Thank You and Attributions

The Wreck images included in this module were graciously allowed to be included from Retrograde Minis. If you want to add more wrecks, or are looking for minis, I highly recommend them.

A lot of this code started out as things I copied from the #lancer-vtt discord channel. This module was made while standing on the shoulders of giants. Do not hesitate to contact me to add your name here, or remove code that you wrote, or if you want to help or add more.

Thank You!

  • Eranziel
  • Valkyrion
  • dodgepong
  • That Lancer Clocks Guy
  • Zenn
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