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A unique game system designed exclusively for Foundry Virtual Tabletop.

Crucible is an innovative and modern tabletop role-playing game system built exclusively for Foundry Virtual Tabletop as a digital platform. From the ground up, Crucible is designed to leverage the unique capabilities of Foundry VTT to provide gamemasters with a powerful toolset and effortless layers of automation, allowing gamemasters and players to focus on what matters most: telling a compelling story.

The central focus of Crucible is meaningful and varied character advancement through a class-less system with multiple pillars of character progression. Crucible's system and dice mechanics allow for crunchy and tactically rich encounters featuring combat, exploration, problem-solving, or social challenges.


Crucible provides gamemasters and their players with deep and engaging gameplay systems, using the full capabilities of Foundry Virtual Tabletop, to offer a truly unique gameplay experience:

  • Guided "class-less" character-creation which emphasizes background and thematic choices
  • A "Bring Your Own Setting" experience for GMs, intended to allow Crucible to be used with any setting and story
  • A purpose-built approach to character skills with specialization options granting unique benefits
  • A unique, dynamic, spellcasting system
  • An expansive Talents system which encourages players to feel like their choices matter
  • Rules for dynamic generation of scalable NPCs, streamlined for GMs to create their own creatures very quickly
  • Best-in-class automation for nearly every aspect of the rules

Playtest One - The Ring of Valor

The Ring of Valor is a guided introduction to character development and combat mechanics in Crucible which places players in the role of a gladiatorial team facing a sequence of challenges in the Ring of Valor.

The Ring of Valor consists of six battles, one each day, during which the party faces increasingly dangerous opponents culminating in a final match against the reigning champions - the last group of heroes to overcome the arena. After each encounter, the party advances in level before facing their next test. Each battle is designed to introduce new gameplay mechanics and provide an opportunity to test out new abilities gained through level advancement.


A screesnhot the Crucible Playtest - The Ring of Valor A screesnhot showcasing the Crucible talent tree

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to this?

Crucible Playtest One is now available to all Foundry Virtual Tabletop users.

How much will this cost?

Crucible is available for free within the Foundry Virtual Tabletop software. If the system builds sufficient popularity, future content for Crucible (such as adventures) may be released as premium content for purchase.

Does this require Version 11?


Will this be playable without Foundry VTT?

By design, Crucible uses a lot of features a virtual tabletop provides which cannot be easily replicated in a pen-and-paper environment. Many of its features would not translate well to a traditional tabletop environment.

Will there be a PDF or physical print book?

It is far too early for us to decide on this one. Keeping to digital certainly has a benefit in the ability to update game rules which is much more difficult in print media. A PDF release is not off the table, but it would have to wait until we have concluded playtesting to a degree that we are confident that the rules will not experience significant or drastic changes.

Will Crucible provide premade monsters, kind of a 'monster compendium'?

There will certainly be some sort of compendium for creatures, but Crucible will also come with easy-to-use rules and systems for generating your own creatures. One of our design goals includes providing gamemasters with the components and automation they need to easily build and balance new creatures.

Will developers and creators be able to contribute to the system or publish their own third-party works?

During the initial playtest playtests Crucible is released under a restrictive license which does not permit use of the code or its data outside of the permitted use case of installing and using the system in Foundry Virtual Tabletop.

As playtesting progresses we will replace this with a more favourable license which others may use both for creating addons and third-party content that they may share for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. The codebase for the system will be a separate license from the license for producing content using the system.

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