Crucible Magazine | Issue #000 - Lairs

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An Epic Monthly Magazine for Fifth Edition on Foundry VTT

Crucible Magazine is Available in Foundry VTT, Digitally, and Physically

Crucible Magazine is an exciting monthly full colour magazine available in Foundry VTT as well as digital and print that is made for the fifth edition of the world’s greatest tabletop roleplaying game!

Taking our cues from the magazines of the past, but putting in our own modern twists, each issue will contain over 80 pages jam packed with unique game ready content for the whole table!

  • Are you a DM lacking time to prepare each session and want fully fleshed out adventurers that are ready to run?
  • Wish you had more marvelous magic items and monsters with stunning artwork at your fingertips?
  • Are your players always looking for those new class options to fit exactly the kind of character they want to play?
  • Do you love Foundry Virtual Tabletop and want to get a monthly supply of game-ready adventuures, monsters, magic items, and narrative ideas?

Crucible Magazine provides all of that… and more!


Two Brand New Subclasses

This issue brings a brand new subclass for Wizards and Rangers. Each subclass is configured to automatically apply all of your new class features as you level up so there's no pesky book keeping as your players grow stronger.

Demo of the School of Summoning Wizard's Automated Level Up

School of Summoning Wizard

Many wizards dabble in the conjuration and summoning of powerful creatures, but devotees of the School of Summoning are the only ones who have truly mastered the art. Known as summoners, they are experts in the mystical binding of elemental powers and fiendish pacts between demons and devils. While other wizards struggle with controlling their minions, summoners have an indomitable will that bends even the most obstinate to their wishes.

  • Summon increasingly more powerful creatures to serve you
  • Gain access to new spells for expanding your pool of allies
  • Redirect damage to or from your familiar
  • Create an Archon Familiar to serve you in any form

Dungeon Strider Ranger

Dungeon Striders are rangers who dedicate themselves to traversing the dungeons and catacombs that are left behind in the wilderness. Whether hired by remote villages to ensure that ancient ruins are cleared of dangerous creatures or by adventuring parties seeking treasure and glory within underground corridors, Dungeon Striders spend a majority of their lives braving precarious structures and clearing deadly hazards that other rangers will never have to face.

  • Gain preternatural skill at finding, disarming, and setting traps
  • Expand your senses to detect oozes, monstrosities, molds, and slimes
  • Expend a spell slot to reduce the damage of traps for you and your friends
  • Delve tirelessly with a shortened 4 hour long rest


Battle Maps in This Issue

Four Fantastic Adventures with 9 Beautiful Battle Maps

This issue includes 4 brand new adventures perfect for a wide range of levels and each one is complete with dramatic battle maps, unique creatures, interesting NPCs, beautiful artwork, custom items and a deep lore that you can use outright or pick and choose pieces of it to flesh out your world.

The Adventures Ahead of You:

  • Sea Giant Cove: A terrible sea giant is sinking merchant vessels at the behest of a fearsome pirate lord that threatens all of Hopewell Harbor.
  • Prison of the Arachlex: An interplanar ship crash landed on the material plane and its few living passengers have built a laboratory to get home but their experiments have created abominations and their corruption is spreading to the outside world.
  • Draxorn Delve: Head deep into the tunnels of a long dormant volcano where a mining operation has dug too deep, trapped their miners, and unleashed a host of elementals with something even worse waking up below.
  • The Heavenly Horde: A blood-thirsty new warlord who wields the weapon of a fallen celestial has united their tribe under the banner of war and is becoming a threat to nearby towns.


Deadly Monsters, Marvelous Items, and Intriguing NPCs

The Arachlex
One of the Many Terrifying Creatures Awaiting You

Whether you need new statblocks for your players that know every creature, unique items that give your players new ways to solve (or create) problems, or fully fleshed out NPCs to dot your world and ensure that you're never unprepared for any unexpected left turns this issue has everything you need.

  • 36 terrifying creatures to challenge your players
  • 29 brand new items to decorate magic shops, serve as quest objectives, and entice your players with including beautiful new artwork to make it all come alive
  • Unique abilities and features that you can use to build your own custom creatures
  • Inspiring plot, campaign and wilderness encounter hooks
  • Plenty of NPCs with interesting connections and backstories

Even More Exciting Content

  • Brand new backgrounds to customize your characters complete with traits and tables to help flesh out their unique personalities
  • Follow our brutal adventures in our 4 page graphic comic Direquest: Legends Of The Freelands
  • “Dear Direlords”; our informative agony aunt round table, here to guide you through your player and adventuring woes with his unique brand of advice
  • In-depth interviews from creators and iconic figures from the TTRPG community, this month's issue we speak with Luke Gygax

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