Coriolis AI art pack by kbender

Latest version2.1.1
Minimum Core10
Compatible Core11
Last updated1 month ago
Created1 year ago
Systems Yzecoriolis
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Free to use, AI generated, and modified character portraits and token pack for use with any game system, designed for the Coriolis RPG. It contains hundreds of portraits, and related tokens ready to use in your game.

The package contains also tokens for Coriolis ship weapons, with two distinct looks for Zenithian and Firstcome ships.

Recently added: Adventures Tailor from Mira and Algebra of the icons (in /adventures folder)

Also added - images for all the actors from Coriolsi Core rulebook module. You can import them using macros added to the compendium pack.

It works fully only if you have bought the Coriolis Core Rulebook module. Details are available under the link below:


You can install the package and use the portraits directly from the /modules/coriolis-kbender-ai-art-pack/portraits folder.
Each portrait has coresponding token, portraits are divided into directories based on Coriolis character concept. You can use it to wildcard the tokens, and create generic actors with random tokens assigned on dropdown.

I have also written four fucntions to allow automatic token assigment:

game.CoriolisAiArt.getPortrait(concept, filter)   return{portrait, token};- this function provi

des random portrait and token from the repository. Both parameters are optional, the function will pick random concept if you won't provide it.

game.CoriolisAiArt.getHumanPortrait(concept)   return{portrait, token}; - returns random non-humanite character portrait and token based in concept provided. In case of no concept iw till pick random.

For both functions concept must match one of the values from the list or left empty: ['agent', 'artist', 'common', 'dataSpider', 'fugitive', 'medicurg', 'negociator' , 'pilot', 'preacher', 'scientist', 'shipWorker', 'soldier', 'trailblazer'].

getHumanitePortrait(concept) return{portrait, token}; - I am working on addition of humanites portraits based on description provided in the Mercy of the Icons campaign books. As of now, only ['jaron'] humanites are generated, but I will expand the list in upcoming months.

getSemiIntelligencePortrait(concept) return{portrait, token}; - returns semi-intelligences mentioned in main rulebook.

You can install individual images directly from github:

If you like it, you can support me on my Patreon:

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