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Chronicle System (Unofficial) for Foundry VTT

This is a fan-created implementation of Green Ronin's Chronicle System for Foundry VTT, this system is used in Swords Chronicle RPG and Song of Ice and Fire RPG.

It currently has one functional character sheet with the following characteristics:

  • Rollable test values
  • Armor's bulk and penalty values influencing the character
  • Support to Sorcery rules
  • Support to ASoIaF Armor penalty (see Settings)
  • Fatigue, Frustration, Stress, Injury, and Wound values affect the character's rolls (although the Ability tab still shows the basic abilities values)
  • Weapon and armor states change between equipped or not, offhand or not (although I still need to work on adaptable weapons)

And a House Sheet:

  • With random resources generation (optional)
  • Historical Events information and modifiers (already applied to the displayed value of resources)
  • Links to created characters, with their proper positions in the house.
  • Information about all holdings (except units) invested by the house.
  • House fortune rolls.

Some of the future implementations include:

  • To Character Sheet
    • Create a system for items and qualities in which, when registered, they already define their modifiers and penalties.
  • To House Sheet
    • Create the House Units actors and yours sheets.
    • Add a field to character investments points to House Resources.
    • Add Holding benefits automations to House.
  • improve the layout and show more information for the dice roll in chat.
  • implement localization in the system, currently it is only in English and only works with items (qualities, skills, etc) in English
  • among others (feel free to request new features in the Issues tab of Git Hub)

How to Create a Weapon

The main things to know about create a weapon are:

  • the specialty must be set to the pattern: Ability:Specialtye.g. Fighting:Axes
  • the damage must be informed in the format: @Ability(+-*/)numbereg: @Athletics+1

P.s.: for now, for the automations to work, everything needs to be registered in English, both the qualities of weapons and armor, as well as abilities and their specialties.

Example macro for doing specialty tests.

the following macro rolls the given test for all tokens that are selected in the map.

    const ability = "Agility"; //change it to the name of the ability you want to test
    const specialty = "Acrobatics"; //change it to the name of the specialty you want to test or leave as NULL to not use any specialties 
    const testName = "Acrobatics"; //put any test name you want to be shown in the chat.
    const showModifierDialog = false; // change it to true if you want to show the modifiers window.

    canvas.tokens.controlled.forEach((token) => {
      let formula = ChronicleSystem.getActorAbilityFormula(, ability, specialty);
      ChronicleSystem.handleRollAsync(`formula:${testName}:${formula.toStr()}`,, showModifierDialog);


Although, for now, I'm making the system myself, I've been looking for a lot of inspiration (sometimes I've even copied it, sorry for that) in other existing systems, like Cyberpunk Red CoreBurning Wheel and GURPS 4th Ed Game Aid

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1 year ago

I’m not sure if you’re still working on this system or even maintaining it. I just checked it as I was looking into gming in Westeros and it appears that there’s a lot missing within the sheets. No way of adding any elements where you’d expect to be able to.

I imagine it’s due to Foundry updates that changed how you reference parts of the actors.

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