Bunkers & Badasses

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Badasses, loot, and mayhem. This system is for running the tabletop adaptation of Borderlands' 'Bunkers & Badasses' by Nerdvana. Supports creating Vault Hunters and (enemy) NPCs, along with all loot types present in the B&B core book.


You can update various values using the Effects values. Use the attributes outlined in the 'Attributes-for-Effects.txt' file. These values should cleanly update other misc values for your character in ways that simple updates might not best work (e.g. A relic adding Movement is better added as an Effect than updating Movement's 'misc' value).


Enable Bone (2x from cryo), Armor (2x from corrosive), or Eridian (no modifier) health as Vault Hunter or NPC options in settings, then use the Dropdown in a Shield Item to turn it to the appropriate health type.


Latest Updates:

  • Updates
    • Added system settings to toggle on "bone" (takes 2x damage from cryo) and "eridium" (no modifier) health bars for Vault Hunters.
    • Added system settings to toggle on "bone" and "eridium" health bars for NPCs.
    • Included new support for Bar Brawl module.
    • Cleaned up several value displays to not cut off.
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed a bug where xp and health increase buttons were inconsistent and could lock character sheets.
    • Fixed a bug where health attributes did not handle 'max' values correctly.
    • Fixed a visual bug where swapping the rarity or gun-type of an item would appear to partially update other items.



Coming Soon™:

  • Support for marking specific elements as 'Favored'.
  • Improving archetypes to automatically give bonuses to values entered rather than just being a string of text.
  • Melee Improvements
    • Support Melee Weapons as optional settings.
    • Allow for melee damage types.
    • Better capability to edit the Melee Damage formula.
  • Improvements for extremely customized Check/Attack/Damage formulas.
  • Fix Class Skills, Action Skills, and Gear to post text to chat better.
  • Generalized Improvements to Action Skill use and display.
  • Add functionality to work more seemlessly with several other modules, including: Loot Piles, Boss Bar, Bar Brawl, Bug Reporter, and possible Ruler modules.
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