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Badasses, loot, and mayhem. This system is for running the tabletop adaptation of Borderlands' 'Bunkers & Badasses' by Nerdvana. Supports creating Vault Hunters and (enemy) NPCs, along with all loot types present in the B&B core book.


You can update various values using the Effects values. Use the attributes outlined in the 'Attributes-for-Effects.txt' file. These values should cleanly update other misc values for your character in ways that simple updates might not best work (e.g. A relic adding Movement is better added as an Effect than updating Movement's 'misc' value).


Enable Bone (2x from cryo), Armor (2x from corrosive), or Eridian (no modifier) health as Vault Hunter or NPC options in settings, then use the Dropdown in a Shield Item to turn it to the appropriate health type.


Latest Updates:

  • Updates

    • Much better and more informative check and attack roll chat cards. Mostly the same info, just better looking.

    • Improved damage chat cards. Far more informative and detailed than before.

    • Major efforts to unify the looks of all the item lists.

    • Improvements to virtually every item display in the item list.

    • New dropdown visuals for items so you can see details at-a-glance.

    • Major code overhaul to better support additions going forward.

    • Added confirmation prompts for many actions.

      • Skill checks, item/grenade throws, attack rolls, damage rolls, damage taken, use action skill, badass rolls, and item deletes now have confirmation prompts.

      • Confirmation prompts allow user to input any final tweaks (e.g. extra modifiers to hit or damage).

      • Holy heck you can't accidentally delete an item so easily anymore. Why wasn't this always there?

    • Badass Rolls can decrement your badass tokens on use.

    • Use Action Skill can decrement uses on use. (use-use-use).

    • Weapons currently "In hand" will now pass their stat bonuses to actor.

    • Broad cleanup of visuals (still rough!)

    • Cleaned up and re-added Compendium packs (with additional compendium items).

    • Improved/fixed support for Bar Brawl module.

    • Added better support for Item Piles module.

    • Can now right click on items in the Loot tab to open the item sheet.

    • Added Resource Tracker with default Mayhem Tracker.

    • Can now add additional NPC actions beyond defaults.

      • Can now create Actions for NPCs beyond the initial four (2 basic and 2 mayhem).

    • NPC actions can be Whispered to GM instead of posted publicly.

      • Default option can be configured in settings.


  • Bugfixes

    • Fixed text on the Default ruler type to match Foundry VTT's new default.

    • Fixed some strange Bar Brawl interactions.

    • Probably a ton more, I kinda lost track.

Coming Soon™:

  • Melee Improvements
    • Support Melee Weapons as optional settings.
    • Allow for melee damage types.
    • Better capability to edit the Melee Damage formula.
  • Improvements for extremely customized Check/Attack/Damage formulas.
  • Track XP/Max HP/Max Shield bonuses as individual updates to make review easier.
  • Improve roll formulas to be more flexible for users.
  • Better support for various level up benefits.
  • Add Mayhem counter
  • Add Boss Bars.
  • Redesign skills page.
  • Redo "Action!" tab to be less cluttered looking.
    • Show gear bonuses on each check.
    • Include armor/shield/health icons in the health section.
    • Better restructure the Badass and Action Skill regions.
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