Broderick's Compendium: Plants and Fungi Across the Realm

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Broderick's Compendium: Plants and Fungi Across the Realm

A module for FoundryVTT that includes over 600 fantasy plants from Broderick's Compendium: Plants and Fungi Across the Realm (version 2.0) (Source: I did not create any of the plants. This addon includes rolltables for the following regions as per the source material:

  • Arctic
  • City
  • Coastal
  • Desert
  • Forest
  • Jungle
  • Mountain
  • Ocean
  • Plains
  • River
  • Swamp
  • Underdark & Cave

Roll tables and plants are included as compendiums. Open up the roll table and select the region type your party is searching in. Results will be added to a "Found Plants" loot actor for distribution to the players.


Wait a minute... I've already seen this!

This module is a fork of the wonderful FoundryVTT-FantasyPlants (Source: module by Kyle Bishop, but with the following changes:- The CSS classes and inline styles inside the plant descriptions are removed, so that the native font styles of your FoundryVTT theme are applied.

  • It provides pictures to many of the plants.
  • Every plant description contains the biomes where to find it.
  • Some already legendary plants get an additional info, if they are "Exceedingly Rare".

This version also adds compatibility for the new rarity setting, which got introduced by the DND5E 1.4.0 system.



Method 1

  • Start Foundry and head to the Add-on Modules tab.
  • Click Install Module.
  • Search for "Broderick's Compendium".
  • Click the install button when it comes up.


Method 2

  • Start Foundry and head to the Add-on Modules tab.
  • Click Install Module.
  • Paste the following link into the "Manifest URL" field at the bottom:
  • Click Install.


Optional Dependencies

Install Better Rolltables ( and Loot Sheet NPC 5E ( for enhanced functionality.


Suggested Use

I currently use this in my campaign to allow players to forage. If you use the included roll tables for the region(s) they are in, you can select the Generate Loot button on the table, it will create a new instance of the item on the Actor "Found Plants" in the Actors tab (it will create that loot actor if you don't have it already). I also have Forien's Unidentified Items add-on and right click the new plant and mystify before letting the players see it/access it. You can save a copy to your items for reference if you want.


What's to come?

  • I hope, that someday I am able to add images (only free-to-use) to every plant in the compendium.
  • Add prices to the plants.
  • Add a second compendium with potions and mixtures made from the plants (and their prices).

If you're interested to help, don't hesitate to create a pull request!

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