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Big Map Collection 2 - Dungeons and Giant Slime

Latest version1.1.0
Minimum Core9
Compatible Core10
Last updated1 year ago
Created2 years ago
Systems All systems
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This amazing collection of 20 maps from the talented mind of Justin Andrew Mason (Big Book of Maps) will inspire you for your next adventure. This includes a variety of maps including dungeons, buildings, and caves ready for you to populate! Will they be the lairs of your players' foulest foes or the home of their new greatest allies? You decide!

You will find the following maps in this pack:

  • 011B - Neon Arcana 

  • 018B - Deep Sea Dungeon

  • 028B - Invasion of the Crawlers

  • 036B - Magicana Academy for Wizards

  • 044F - Twin Falls Shrine

  • 053B - Underground - A Den of Ill Repute

  • 060B - Medusa Warren

  • 067F - Blood & Rust

  • 074F - Inside the Gargantuan Slime

  • 083F - The Amethyst Dungeon

  • 105F - A Gathering of Elementals

  • 116B - The Vault of Osiris

  • 130B - The Cerulean Court

  • 142B - Stonekeep Falls

  • 145B - Citadel of Lost Knowledge

  • 161B - Dwarven Hold of Mountain Pass

  • 177B - Ritual of the Dragonlords

  • 190B - Riddles of the Sphinges

  • 191B - Ancient Elven Tomb

  • 209B - Grand High Temple of the Gods

Start your adventure today!

If you are looking for a specific map that has not already been done, please let me know by joining our Discord server here. I may be able to include it in the next collection.

Cartography by Justin Andrew Mason

Adapted for Foundry VTT by Daniel Gallant

Screenshots may differ from what you see in-game.

Owned by Gallant Knight Enterprises. Copyright (C) 2022. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.

For personal use only.

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