Beaver's Crafting Module

Latest version3.5.4
Minimum Core11
Compatible Core12
Last updated2 weeks ago
Created1 year ago
Languages English
Systems Dnd5e
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This module is for:

  • Crafting, brewing, harvesting, mining, fabricating, gathering
  • Character advancement, tech tree, skill tree, ability tree
  • Downtime activities, factions / organisation reputation, quest logs, Skill Training


  • optionally granting specific or random items on success
  • optionally consuming ingredients and money
  • optionally requiring features, tools, classes, backgrounds
  • optionally tracking your progress by optionally testing (skills, tools, abilities) or just advancing it.

in possibly all Systems: (List of adaption layers)




full Length Video

Character advancement






Create Recipes


For this to work you must go to your settings and enter the name of the create Item Dialog. Default is "Create New Item" obviously you need to adapt if you have a different language.

Configure Recipe



you may add required items to your recipe via drag and drop. Required items are not consumed and could be anything from classes to backgrounds.


You may add costs to your recipe named ingredients. This can either be currency or items You may add items via drag and drop.


you may add steps or tests that are needed in the process. When adding tests you can define that your progress can fail on certain amount of failed tests. You can configure that costs are consumed or returned when you fail your progress.

Tests consisting of one or more TestSections.


In ech TestSection you need to hit a given amount of successes specified by "hits" in the TestSection default is 1.

Each TestSection consist of one or more TestOption you can add as choice . There are up to 4 types of TestOptions.

  • skill check
  • ability check (not sure how to model this in pf2e (help wanted! bsa-pf2e module))
  • tool check (not sure how to model this in pf2e (help wanted! bsa-pf2e module))
  • fixed hit
    • just progress without any check.

You can add multiple times the same type of TestOption for example to choose from diffrent skills. Your Recipe can fail if you reach the specified "fails" default is 1. If you set the fails to 0 your recipe can never fail. You can also specify if your costs will get consumed when your recipe fails. e.g. img.png


  • you need 3 success in:insight skill dc 8 or forgery kit dc 8
  • and thereafter 2 success in history
  • before you have 3 fails overall.


You may add Items or RollTable via drag and drop as result of your process. You will receive the result at the end of the progress, if your progress was successfully. If you add a RollTable you will get quantity amount of rolls on that table not one roll quantity of times.



You may add flavour text to your "recipe". Make sure to hit the save button.


You may add a folder structure to group your progresses on your actor tab.


Advanced user may use the optional recipe macro that gets executed during the crafting process. see RecipeMacro

Executing Recipes

On your actor-sheet you will find a new tab.


Initially your sheet will be blank except for the add button. you can add a new crafting process by clicking on +Add, which will open the Recipe Compendium.

Recipe Compendium


  • list all recipes that you have permission to see for all items in your world (not compendium)
    • filter available: only those that you have at least one ingredient of any quantity of.
    • filter useable: only those that you have all ingredients in required quantity of.
    • filter own : only those that you personally have in your inventory
    • filter by item: only those recipes that uses all items in the filter regardless of quantity.
  • you can display details for a Recipe:
    • it will display you an uneditable recipe and shows you which ingredients are missing.
  • you can hit the start button to start a process.
    • a process will ask for the given skill if any and returns with a result
or Condition

img.png Some recipe can have "or conditions" for required, cost and result items. You can choose one of those or conditions in the RecipeCompendium.



It lists all your progress with the various recipes you are currently interacting with.

You can show details to each progress by clicking on the progress-name.


if your recipe has a test/progress involved you can advance it on this tab.

Your process will start by locking the resources needed. you can advance or test your progress by clicking on the progress column: advance.png

when your progress ends by reaching 100% success you will be rewarded with the results of the recipe. or nothing when you fail.



You will see a chat message with your result

For more details look up package Url

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4 months ago

Hey there! I have been trying to track down AngryBeaver. Since the recent DND 5e Foundry updated the crafting module doesn’t work. This module is absolutely amazing and one of the best ones I use (and my players love it) it adds such a great level of customization to the game and to the world I have built. I would gladly make a video and share it for all the unique items I have created which I have created recipes for. Will there be upcoming support for the module moving forward? Please let me know if there is a Discord or Patreon as I would be happy to join up and support. Thanks again and I hope to have a working updated version soon!

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