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Battlezoo Bestiary for PF2e by Roll For Combat

Latest version2.5
Minimum Core9
Compatible Core9
Last updated7 months ago
Created2 years ago
Systems Pf2e
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Unleash The Horde!

Battlezoo Bestiary

Inside the Battlezoo Bestiary discover a treasure trove of over 100 brand-new monsters and villains for your players to confront and overcome at your next game!

The creatures in this epic tome represent the best and beastliest submissions from the 2020 RPG Superstar contest, including monstrosities like the sailor-snatching muted delver, the spore-sowing fungal raptor, and the mind-melting orb of insanity.

The Battlezoo Bestiary also includes the new Monster Parts system—perfect for monster slayers who want to turn all those freshly collected ardeodaemon horns and parrotbear feathers into custom items and equipment. Completely compatible with Pathfinder Second Edition and full of rich inspiration for any fantasy game system, this book is a one-of-a-kind compendium useful for Game Masters and players alike.

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The Battlezoo Bestiary includes:

  • Over 100 new monsters based on the winning entries from the 2020 RPG Superstar contest, including stat blocks, lore, and additional rules like hazards and variants.
  • Expanded monster entries for the grand and platinum prize-winning monsters like the shale spitter and the wispy wayfarer, including totally new monsters designed by the winning authors.
  • Two new character archetypes: the monster mage, who can master the spells of any defeated foes, and the vestige hunter, who can wear trophies claimed from slain monsters to gain incredible powers.
  • New rules for players to craft weapons, armor, and magic items from the foes they defeat.
  • New magic items to loot from the monsters in this volume.
  • And much more!

Change how you play Pathfinder forever with the amazing Monster Parts System and create unique and custom equipment today! 

This module is to be used with the Pathfinder Second Edition system.

Published by Roll For Combat.

Purchase at the Battlezoo Online Shop.

Zara the Monster Mage & Kruger the Vestige Hunter

Play as a Monster Mage, a Vestige Hunter, or craft your own gear from monster parts!

Add a horde of award-winning creatures to your game today!








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