Battlezoo Ancestries: Dungeons for PF2e by Roll for Combat

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Created2 years ago
Systems Pf2e
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You ARE The Dungeon!

With Battlezoo Ancestries Dungeons, the power of dungeons is in your hands. With the dungeon ancestry, play as a dungeon who awakened to sentience and then sapience, with a life force, a spirit, and even an avatar that you can use to interact with the world. Five heritages allow you to play all sorts of dungeons, from an archipelago where each “floor” is a separate island to a mysterious labyrinth or dank caverns, from a tower ascending to the heavens to an ancient tree.

Call forth familiars or hazards from your dungeon, challenge the dungeon within you to learn more about your inner self and unlock special benefits for you and your allies, or even conquer one of the floors inside your dungeon and become an overlord, setting up a home away from home where monsters and traps wait on you. Never before have you been able to play as the dungeon!

See what these Pathfinder luminaries are saying about Battlezoo Ancestries: Dungeons!

"Wow! This is definitely a product!"
—Luis Loza, Paizo Senior Developer

"Ever thought to yourself, hey, there aren't enough dungeon crawls in this game? Be the dungeon, and explore the adventure inside... yourself? This got philosophical all of a sudden..."
—Linda Zayas-Palmer, Paizo Development Manager

"I was told there would be a cheese platter?"
—Eleanor Ferron, Paizo Senior Developer

"It turns out the real treasure was inside me all along. Right here, in room E3. Not E4, that's a mimic."
—Andrew White, Paizo Front End Engineering Lead



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