Abomination Vault Accessories, Book 1

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AV Accessories, Book 1

This module contains additional assets, tiles, tokens and maps for Book One of the Abomination vaults adventure path by Paizo. There are Journals for the NPC Map handouts, the other assets you can find in the /artwork directory.

Map assets and artwork by Forgotten Adventures,
Vollok token inspired by and derived from artwork by Greg Bruni,
Map tiles require the module Abomination Vaults Map Remake by Narchy

I recommend using the module Multiface tiles for its tile swapping feature and ability to play/pause video tiles.

A moss covered skull

Map Tiles
New tile patches to place into scenes to change map based on game events – like a bridge collapsing or trap activated. (also to make a couple rooms larger on level 3)
The tiles are cropped so that they can be placed by snapping to the grid in Narchy's AV maps. They fit seemlessly.

A1 vine connecting to A9, A2 Bridge , A17 Docks, A24 Pier, C4 Trap, C8 Expand Prison, C14 Expand Librarian’s Rooms

Ghost Trail Video Tiles
Animated tiles (webm) showing the ghostly footprints of Otari through the abomination vaults. One video file for each floor.

Ghostly footprints

NPC Map Journals
Journal Handouts for maps that can be provided by NPCs

Boss Skrawg – Inspired by DMSteve,
a crude map

Graulgust's Sketch

a rough sketch

Volluk’s Desk - blueprints of levels 1-3

blueprints of levels 1-3


- Top down tokens for these NPCs: C1-Augrael, D8-Volluk, and D9-LasdaVenkervale
token images for volluk, augrael, and vasda
- Hazard tokens for the BrownMold(B20) and Hall of Hatred(B29)
cracked earth, a skull, a monster, a wave, fire and brown mold

Area Map for Wrin’s Wonders

a tent surrounded by standing stones near a river bank


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2 years ago

This is great and I highly recommend. Looking for book 2, though I’m not sure what will happen now that Foundry/Paizo have an agreement over the AV module.

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