Ars Magica 5th Edition

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This is an unofficial system implementation for Ars Magica 5th Edition by Atlas Games. Discover the power of Magic in Mythic Europe. Are you looking for adventure? Do you see the landscape of power in fantasy RPG's and just wish you could do more? Do you see the triumphs of Randalph the Greyed, Felminster, and Nordenkainan and think "Meh! I could do that!" 


Welcome to “THE WIZARD CHANNEL” ... huh? erm... who wrote this? I meant to say: 


Welcome to Ars Magica

Mostly Wizards, All The Time

Ars Magica is one of the oldest living RPGs around and for over 35 years, has been exploring the question "What if You could just BE Merlin?" 

Diving into Ars Magica means diving into a setting with all of the historical richness and complexity of a real history because (you guessed it) IT IS. Mythic Europe is deeply based on our own historical understanding of the medieval time period and the myths and legends that were born and evolved to feed our collective fantasies today. Many monsters and creatures and people that populate your favorite modern fiction, are living and moving, corrupting and uplifting the masses of the age. 


As a Wizard, you are thrust into the Mythic side of Mythic europe. Make friends and rivals. Topple kingdoms and start intergenerational vendettas. Become soul buddies with great beasts, and delve into ancient ruins with magic long forgotten.  The magic of the hermetic order means you will likely live to see 200, so retreating back to your wizard tower to watch your foes die of old age is usually an option. But there is so much more to do and see with your magical life. You will gain experience through traditional routes like adventuring, but also through research, tutelage, and mad experiments that beggar your understanding of what's possible. 

Invisible No More

Not content to just pull the levers of phenomenal cosmic power, Ars Magica takes us inside the lives of the heroes and ordinary folk who work with and for these intimidating channelers of the arcane arts. Learn of companions who lived with fairies, or spoke with dragons before finding their place in the covenant. Discover the warriors, architects, scribes, maids, farmers and crafters who make sure their dread lord never perishes of thirst, hunger or a lack of supply. And discover how important the loyalty of such people is in the pursuit of power. 

A Story Worth Telling

Ars Magica invites you to come into an era of great revelation and great darkness. To engage in play with the myths, miracles, and tragedies of our own history. A system built to allow you one simple and incredibly satisfying ability. To change the world, and see the consequences of your changes unfold in front of you. Engage in military conflicts, magical period dramas that put Bridgerton and The Tudors to shame, social commentaries on what could have been. The canvas is yours. 

A Consistent System and Lively Community

The Ars system is a fairly straight forward and smartly designed skill system (you spend xp to gain skill ranks for most things). Combined with a Virtues and Flaws system that creates exciting story and power options, every aspect of your character is able to be customized to the level of detail that works for you. 

You can also get help and advice from our engaged, lively, and totally unofficial Discord community. So come, play, learn and discover what you could do with all of the power in your hands.

This is a Foundry VTT system for Ars Magica 5th Edition.

This package is intended to enable Ars Magica play using Foundry VTT. In order to play, official Ars Magica materials are still required. Official material for Ars Magica 5th edition is published by and may be purchased from Atlas Games (

Ars Magica content is copyright Trident, Inc d/b/a Atlas Games. Ars Magica, Mythic Europe, and Covenants are trademarks of Trident, Inc. Order of Hermes and Tremere are trademarks of White Wolf, Inc. USED WITH PERMISSION.

This Foundry VTT system project was based on the Boilerplate System by Asacolips.

All are welcome to join our Discord server for discussion and development of this Foundry system where you can suggest enhancements or report bugs. This is an open-source project and would not be possible without the contributions of the community.


Versión Española

La utilización e inclusión del logo, iconos y elementos artísticos, así como el uso de terminología, ha sido autorizado expresamente y por escrito por Holocubierta Ediciones, S.L. (, licenciataria del juego Ars Magica 5ª Edición para su publicación en castellano.


System Developers: xzotl, ialbiol, phaldaros, sylph, Ludo.Bermejo, jupotter

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