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Latest version0.8.5
Minimum Core0.7.2
Compatible Core0.8.3
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0.1.54 Requires 0.7.2 or above, will not work with previous versions. Please do no update if you are on 0.6.6

0.1.53 Is the last version that is compatible with 0.6.6. If you upgrade to 0.1.54 in error use the module.json link for 0.1.53 to revert back.

0.1.51 ** BREAKING ** fixed a bad bug that let the event queue overlap across worlds. This version will re-initialise you event queue. Please make sure you know what is in there.

A module to support a game time clock in Foundry VTT. Arbitrary calendars are supported Gregorian and Greyhawk supplied but it is easy to add your own. See notes in the and please have a look at it has more information.

DateTime Arithmentic is supported allowing calculations like DateTime.Now().add({days:1}) (increments can be negative, but must be integers)

DateTime represents a date and time comprising ({years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds}) and repsents an actual date and time. DTMod is a class for representing time intervals, game.Gametime.DTMod.create({years, months, days, hours. minutes, seconds}) only represents an interval to be applied to a DateTime. Typically you would do things like{days: 5})

The gametime clock can bet set/advanced as you wish. The clock can also be set to run in real time at a multiple/fraction of real world time. The game clock is snchronised betwee all clients and time updates are broadcast to each client. You can register for them via Hooks.on("pseudoclockUpdate"). When combat starts the clock enters a special mode that advances a fixed interval at the end of each combat round.

You can trigger fairly arbitrary events to occur at specified times or intervals.

The real use for the clock is having events fire at predefined times or intervals. You can call arbitrary code or macros based off the game time clock. Allowing things like game.Gametime.doEvery({hours:24}, "Eat Food")


There are extensive notes in the and

Change Log

0.1.35 - synchronise user clocks to master time server on join without waiting for a clock update.
0.1.36 - added fix for non-year 0 based calendars queue update
0.1.37 - added passing arguments to macro calls (requires furnace advanced macros)
0.1.38 - added check for error thrown on startup.
0.1.39 - add kr.json 
0.1.40 - fixed not restarting clock after combat ends bug. Need to rung game.Gametime.resetCombats() at least once.
0.1.41- v 0.5.7 compatibility, small bugfix in advanceClock when called with invalid parameter, new version of ko.json to replace kr.json
0.1.43- merge requests from @megastruktur and @makutu

0.1.50 added Glorantha and Eberron calendars.  Thanks Ake and Jayson Cody for the contributions.


日本語 - Thanks to @BrotherSharp

Korean - Thanks to @KLO

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