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Crafting Personalised Feats: A Point Buy Guide (A5e/5e)

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Systems A5e
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Cover of Crafting Personalised Feats
From a designer of Level Up! Advanced Fifth Edition, a point buy guide to crafting your own personalised feats!
This very well-received guide will allow you to create feats for your Level Up! Advanced Fifth Edition games!
Including: regular feats, synergy feats and transformational feats. 
Fully compatible with Homebrew and Hacking: Crafting New Heritages and Cultures!
Video of Creator PJ Coffey discussing the product

So what is it?

It's a way to follow a point based system and create feats that are personalised to your players specifications and desires.  Also a way for you to edit those feats you, the GM find annoying and keep your players happy and your immersion intact.


Things people said about our previous book!

"This is nice! I think I prefer this to having heritages at all." 

- Paul Hughes, Monstrous Menagerie


"I am absolutely thrilled with the content you have created and I've spent the last several weekends rebuilding my PC races in my homebrew campaign with the work you've done." 

  • CB, Kickstarter Backer


"The book is awesome by the way. Amazing work!" 

  • AM, Kickstarter Backer


I've seen books of feats before, what's new?

EXCITING social feats, roleplaying aids with mechanical benefits, perfect for players who want to throw themselves at the role-playing and political sides of the game!  Become a Schemer, a Storyteller or even a Beguiling Speaker!


- The WILD Synergy feats.  So what if your player took 3 levels in one class and 3 levels in another?  We can help you write a special feat to help your player catch up with their level 7 companions. For this edition we have the Bravo, a mix of Barbarian and Rogue with an astounding twist!  If you liked Fritz Leiber's tales of Ffahrd and The Grey Mouser, you'll LOVE this!


- The UNEXPECTED Transformational Feats.   Sometimes we stare into the void, sometimes the void stares back and says "'Sup?" When Dark and Terrible Forces act upon your hapless players, we can help them really lean into that roleplay.  Advanced Fifth Edition has supplied vampires, lycanthropes and revenants to date!  To this set of consequences for terrible life-decisions we can add. Shadow-Touched, Khalkoi-Stung and Aboleth-Lashed!  You have players that want their characters spindled, folded AND mutilated?  We're going for it!


A picture of the books noting the success of the KS

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