The MAD Cartographer


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Each month The MAD Cartographer creates a new Foundry VTT Battlemap Pack based around a new monthly theme, with dozens of unique high-detail maps (not just variants of the same map) included in the pack. Each map comes complete with walling, dynamic lighting and ambient sound FX added to the scene, and often includes placeable asset tiles and tokens, scene artwork, music tracks and more.

With around 90% of my Patreon supporters being Foundry VTT users my maps are not created and then simply made available to Foundry, they are completely made FOR Foundry and utilise different Foundry VTT modules to get the most out of your games.

A walkthrough of one of my most recent (and best) creations for Foundry; The Mad Cartographer’s Maze. Give the video a watch, get at least to minute 8 and you’ll see what this map is all about!
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3 years ago

I love the content made for Foundry. Walls, sounds, lights, animations, all ready to go. Easy to bring into my campaigns and impressive for the characters.

3 years ago

The MAD Cartographer consistently makes wonderful and creative maps. His content has a distinctive style and it is above and beyond a vast majority of TTRPG mapmakers. Definitely great content!

Instant Encounters
3 years ago

Alex is a top bloke and fantastic creator I would highly recommend anyone looking for high-quality maps to check him out.

3 years ago

Consistently puts out fantastic, high-quality maps at an impressive pace. Highly recommended for any campaign.

3 years ago

I have been using Alex’s maps in my games since July. I love the variety and breadth of his maps. Excellent production value and great value for money. The foundry integration is also fantastic.

Dayna Renee
3 years ago

By far the best VTT maps and map packs I’ve found, hands down. They save me hours of time, and sometimes even allow me to use features of Foundry I wouldn’t otherwise know about because they’re built right in. Alex does great work!

3 years ago

This stuff is solid! I subscribe so my friend can run an adventure for us. I can always tell when the maps come from a random free community pack vs. one The MAD Cartographer created.

3 years ago

The MAD Cartographer is where everyone should start with Foundry-ready content. His library is vast and sufficient to always have something to grab for that next session, and his quality and creativity are guaranteed to wow your players.

3 years ago

Great mapmaker, better human being.

1 year ago

Hello, i try to use your maps, but, when i activate the module, it doesnt show in the conpendium list, i guess is because it have compatibility issues with the current foundry build atm? does your maps in patreon have the same issue? just wondering before Sub hehe.

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