Michael Ghelfi


Michael composed the greatest audio ambiences library for RPGs, ranging from the fantasy city to the most mysterious wizard’s tower. Naturally, Sci-Fi, Steampunk and Western were not forgotten, for a total of 600 pieces. Altogether, more than 100’000 dungeon masters follow him on YouTube, Spotify and others. His tracks can be downloaded on Bandcamp or as Foundry modules on his website. You can also get hundreds of exclusive pieces on his Patreon, along with great collaborations with renown mapmakers, item designers, etc.

He makes the tools, you make the stories. Step up the immersion of your games.

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1 year ago

Great ambiences. Between the free foundry pack and the monthly patreon releases, I’m slowing building up a collecting!

1 year ago

Fantastic ambiances and a great dude we had the pleasure to work with. Fulfill all your ambiance needs with this very professional individual!

1 year ago

I gave up on a popular RPG Music tool to switch over to Michaëls Sound – Great to use inside FVTT and at the Gaming Table.

1 year ago

Michael is a hugely talented composer that GETS IT…what we as game/dungeon masters are looking for…because he plays and runs games too. He has contributed so much to the gaming community, from a massive listing on YouTube to collaborating with other artists and gamers…and now with Foundry VTT. Please consider supporting him on Bandcamp (his ambiance volumes, each with 50 tracks, are a steal), and on Patreon where you get a lot of exclusive tracks and help keep him going at this gig full time…we all benefit from that. Happy Gaming! 🙂

1 year ago

You will not find a more comprehensive collection of ambiances at this level of quality anywhere on the internet. I used to search numerous resources to find what I was looking for….now there is only one stop necessary, especially as this vast collection continues to grow. The fact his work is now integrated into Foundry??? Bonus!!! Thank you, Michael! You are a HUGE talent and a major contribution to immersing our players in the game!

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