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I am creating maps, graphics and Dungeondraft assets to enable DM’s and GM’s to create gritty, realistic modern and futuristic settings. From crumbling post apocalyptic cities to high tech bunkers and ships, HellScape assets provide the tools to bring your setting to life.

As a DM and avid Foundry VTT user, I set out to run a unique post apocalyptic campaign, but I wasn’t able to find assets that matched what I envisioned. HellScape is the result of my efforts. Because I’m making these objects, walls and portals for a proposed game, I’m constantly finding new things to illustrate. While none of my work is directly tied to any specific IP, it’s general enough to make Blade Runner, Stargate, and even Fallout-inspired games.

My assets are produced at a standard 256×256 pixels per grid square, with maps rendered at 128×128 in most cases (they’re big maps!).

The base pack, HellScape – Airship, is a free package of over 300 assets. Despite the name, it can be used to build all kinds of realistic, modern and futuristic settings. Additional packs are distributed via Patreon, with plans to sell them for a few dollars on Cartography Assets. Patrons can help guide the content of assets to better fit their games.

  • HellScape – Airship: Free on Cartography Assets – Passageways, port holes, metal decking, tables, chairs, clutter; everything you need to make a ship. Or a lab. Or just about anything. This pack serves as a base for all other packs.
  • HellScape – Lights: Free on Cartogrpahy Assets – Different light shapes that match my packs. Any time I need a light shape for another pack, it will be added to this free set!
  • HellScape – Scrapers: Early Access on Patreon – Modern office building roofs, roof equipment, office furniture, desks, chairs, computers, fire extinguishers, and everything you need to build modern office buildings, or ones that have been devastated by nuclear war.
  • HellScape – TechShip: Early Access on Patreon – Think of this as DLC for Airship. TechShip pushes more toward Star Trek, Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica in its influences.
  • HellScape – Wastes: In Development – Roads, mangled cars, dead radioactive earth. The Wastes are a dangerous place, filled with glowing things and the rotting corps of a modern society. Styled after Mad Max, Fallout, I Am Legend and anything else set in the ‘after times.’
  • HellScape – Military: Early Access on Patreon – Everything you need to build an active, or abandoned military base.

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