Forgotten Adventures


We are a small team of passionate artists, we draw assets, tokens, and battlemaps for use in Virtual Tabletop RPGs (FoundryVTT, Roll20 etc.). We are currently only focused on producing things in the fantasy genre.

We have a number of ongoing projects, notably the goal to draw every 5e creature from the MM.

We are also supplying the SRD tokens for use in FoundryVTT’s 5e system.

In addition to producing content we also run giveaways and regular mapmaking contests.

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Instant Encounters
4 months ago

A fantastic creator of tokens map assets and everything you could want to complete your VTT collection, well known and respected amongst the TTRPG creator community.

4 months ago

The tokens and assets by Forgotten Adventures are truly fantastic. The assets can be dropped directly into an existing game, or they can be used to build maps in Dungeondraft. Love this stuff so much!

Brave Concord
4 months ago

Great content month after month – tokens, assets and more. My favorite Patreon!

4 months ago

Having the same assets available as Foundry tiles and for DD is just magical. It provides the perfect blend of easy of creation and in-game flexibility. Thank you, FA!

The Grumpy DM
15 days ago

Love the content. It is the only things I use to create my maps on Dungeondraft.
Great work!! I’m a subscriber so all his work is available for just very little $$$ and a lot of it is just free period.

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