Add your Creator page

Adding your Creator page on Foundry Hub is free and easy. Follow this guide to create your own page.


  • You must be authorized to represent the creator you wish to add. Please do not submit an entry without the explicit permission of the creator. In most cases, the creator themself takes this step to maintain direct access to the modification and deletion of their page.
  • The creator exercises this activity in a professional or semi-professional way and thus offers access to their services to the users of Foundry VTT.
  • This list of creator aims to put forward people proposing services not accessible through the Package Browser of Foundry Hub or directly on the Foundry VTT website. If you wish to promote your free modules or game systems, you can instead use the Package Browser services.
  • You must provide at least one cover image and the creator’s presentation text. You keep a full access right to the images used but authorize Foundry Hub to use them on its website for non-commercial purposes to represent the creator’s identity.

How-to and process

After clicking on the button bellow, you’ll be redirected to our Creator editor where you’ll be able to enter all the creator’s information.

  1. Enter the creator’s name as Title, then use the editor to write the bio. Describe who they are and what services they provide. You can enter whatever you wish to communicate, and it would be useful for users to know about the creator.
  2. You can upload multiples pictures to showcase their work. We accept JPG, PNG, GIF, and WebP.
  3. Select appropriate tags. Contact us if you need more options.
  4. Upload a static cover image. This image will be displayed in different places to identify the creator. We recommend a 1280×640 sized file. Note your image may appear truncated (a square thumbnail) once uploaded in your Editor. This is normal and it won’t affect the final size of your cover.
  5. Here you can write a summary of the creators’ bio. Max 50 words.
  6. Click “Add Row” to create a new link to one of the creator’s platforms. Their Patreon, their website, etc. You are free to add them in the bio too, but we strongly recommend adding them here, as it can be used to automate some actions when promoting the creator’s work.
  7. When you are done, you can either preview your page or “Publish” it. Publishing your page will send it to our team for review. As long as you meet the requirements, we’ll then make your page public for everybody to see.

Once your page is published, you can edit it as you like or even remove it.