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Side Quest Pack 15

Latest version1.0.1
Minimum Core0.8.2
Compatible Core9
Last updated3 months ago
Created3 months ago
Systems Dnd5e
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Authored by: Shannon Frank
Edited by: Constantine "Kelfecil" Christakis

Side Quests - Pack 15

This pack includes x3 unique and easy-to-use Side Quests to take your players through!

Golden Temple - Level 1
Something strange is going on in the town of Abriz. Trelath the local half-elf priest of the Church of Stars has gone missing and in his place is a man and his acolytes claiming to be the priest’s replacement.

Lost to Time - Level 1
An ancient mechanism whirrs beneath the village, slumbering in silence until a villager stumbled upon a tunnel and awoke the machine. Now the noise and disturbances threaten to drive the townsfolk mad.

Moonlight Ritual - Level 1
A cult has kidnapped a villager planning on using him in a ritual to turn him into a werewolf on the next full moon.

About this Pack

This package includes the following resources:

These Side Quests can be played at any level by adjusting the number of monsters in it as well as their behavior. It has been made with VTTs in mind and can therefore run very smoothly on this Virtual TableTop.

What is a Side Quest?

Side Quests are modules that are meant to be used in whatever way you want in your own games. Unlike adventures, they do not have a full background story or enough material to run a full session with them. However, they are useful because:

➤ They are easy to use as a side quest in any kind of adventure that you are already running.
➤ They can be used as an inspiration to start a whole new adventure by yourself.
➤ They can be dropped in various locations to give more options to the players.
➤ They can be used just for their encounters to make combat more interesting.


As a Kelfecil's Tales module, you can expect the following:

  • Art inspires Storytelling. All of the published content by Kelfecil's Tales is made in collaboration with amazing illustrators, so you can always expect something different and awesome to look at. The stories you find in our modules are always inspired directly by artwork.
  • Perfect Maps for the Story. Being inspired by the map to create the story itself, means that the map is perfectly fitting for playing out the story with your group. Find beautiful maps by a different map maker in every release to play your adventure on!
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