Brazilian Portuguese [Pathfinder 2e]

Latest version3.2.0
Minimum Core0.8.8
Compatible Core9
File size2.17 MB
Last updated6 months ago
Created2 years ago
Languages Português (Brasil)
Systems Pf2e
Dependencies Babele
Project source Project URL

This module adds the language Português (Brasil) as an option to be selected in the FoundryVTT settings. Selecting this option will translate the character sheets of the PF2E system and some other minor aspects. This module translates only aspects related to the Pathfinder 2E system.


To translate the Compendium packs, you also need to install the Babele module.


This module doesn't translate other parts of the FoundryVTT software, like the main interface. For that, take a look at the Brazillian Portuguese Core module.


If you find a mistake in the translation or have a suggestion of a better term to use somewhere in it you can open a new issue on GitLab or send a message to DMerceless#1356 at Discord.


Updated to work with version 0.6.6 of FoundryVTT and with version 1.10.5 of the Pathfinder Second Edition System.



The translation is available in the Add-on Modules list to install with the name Translation: Brazilian Portuguese [Pathfinder 2e].


Remember to also install the Babele module for Compendium pack translation.

Manifest Installation

In the Add-On Modules option click on Install Module and place the following link in the field Manifest URL

Manual Installation

If the above options do not work, download the file and extract the pf2e_pt-BR folder into the Data/modules/ folder. Once this is done, enable the module in the settings of the world in which you intend to use it and then change the language in the settings.

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