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The MAD Cartographer - Monster Den

Latest version1.4
Minimum Core0.5.0
Compatible Core10.0.0
Last updated4 months ago
Created6 months ago
Systems All systems
Dependencies Token Attacher
Library: Scene Packer
Project source Project URL

This product contains:

  • 1x 140ppi quality digital map
  • 1x Adventure made completely Foundry ready
  • 1x Enemy tiles that turn into a token (Flailing Maw)
  • 2x NPC character blocks with personality traits and secrets.
  • Adventure modules do not come with token artwork for all creatures that are featured in the adventure, only creatures available in the SRD from Wizards of the Coast are linked in the adventure, none SRD monsters are referenced in name only

Note: If you have the Scenepacker module installed, this adventure will attempt to auto-import, placing journal entries and creatures in the correct location for you.

The Monster's Den is a full multi-room adventure written by One Page Mage, with maps and Foundry content created by The MAD Cartographer. This module contains a complete adventure fully set up in Foundry with walls, lights, sounds and tiles. Journal entries provide full room descriptions, NPC characters and more. 



In the village of Saanuun, locals describe an evil den of monsters. Worst among them is the manticore, which has been creeping from its lair to prey on livestock. Looking for an opportunity to play the hero, Prince Tartong offered to solve Saanuun's problem single-handedly. Unfortunately, he entered The Den and never returned. His brother, Prince Songvar, is now offering a reward: Any company of heroes that can recover the royal remains and slay the beasts in the cave shall receive 350gp. Not only that, he's offered to allow the group to keep Tartong's famed Magical Cloak (assuming it is found!).

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