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The MAD Cartographer | Wizard's Choice | Battlemap Pack

Latest version1.14
Minimum Core0.5.0
Compatible Core0.7.9
Last updated1 month ago
Created4 months ago
Systems All systems
Dependencies Token Attacher
Project source Project URL

This product contains:

  • 24 x 140ppi quality digital maps
  • A selection of map specific asset tiles

The full map pack for our Patreon Wizard's Choice Theme [May 2021], it contains 24 maps and variants from our endless Wizard's Tower, including a handful of variations for some of the maps. The towers come with a JPG version with a forest background as well as a transparent PNG version with no background where players can choose a different background for their preferred environment (ice, desert, forest, astral and even under the sea!) The floors of the tower can be used in any order, with the same position for ascending and descending stairs; players enter the tower from the initial "Gate" room with a central wizards portal allowing to use as many of the floors as you need.

We collaborated with a whole bunch of different artists who created content for half of the floors in this set, including tokens, creatures, items, music, and even written encounter content.

This pack comes with a handful of asset tiles for certain maps as well as the full blank variants for certain maps to add your own tiles. Maps come in a range of sizes and have been compressed to make them ideal for Foundry VTT, with a balance of image quality and filesize.

All our maps are converted into dynamic maps for Foundry VTT, each pre-built map comes complete with detailed walling, atmospheric lighting and ambient sounds and sound FX.

All the maps in this product and more can now be found in our detailed PDF Map Catalogue. Download it for free here!

If you have any questions about the details of this pack then you can email us at [email protected] or join us on Discord.

The back catalogue for our Wizard's Tower theme, it contains 20 different floors

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