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Cthulhu Architect Maps #19

Latest version1.0.3
Minimum Core9
Compatible Core10
Last updated7 months ago
Created7 months ago
Systems All systems
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Iä! Iä! Cthulhu friends!

From the depths of R'lyeh, I present modern maps of horror for your FoundryVTT games. The stars are right! You heard the Call! Now is the time to stop dreaming and get my FVTT modules.

Within each module, you will find several location maps, each with multiple variations, including dynamic lighting, walls and multilevel support. Spice up your game by adding incredible real-life modern locations for your investigators. They will die scream with delight. 

Preserve your sanity, become a patron and download all my modules and custom assets.

Experience Cthulhu Mythos like never before!



Dr. Henry Armitage’s Office

Welcome to Dr. Henry Armitage’s Office! As many of you might already know, Dr. Armitage is an old, distinguished member of Miskatonic University, well acquainted with Cthulhu Mythos. His personal secret library might be the most important thing on the world for him. Unique artifacts that he gathered during his research and travels, decorate his office area. His current notes can be found on his secretaire desk; his favorite corner in the office. Will your investigators dare a round of chess while having a conversation with him?

Dr. Henry Armitage’s Office Map


Students’ Dormitory

Welcome to the Student’s Dormitory! 2 levels, 37 unique rooms, common areas, office and storage areas for your investigators to explore. Check it out!

Students’ Dormitory Map


University Yard

Welcome to the University Yard! Your investigators may take a break here, enjoy their picnic and the sun, before they head into the library and the dormitory for their clues. Let’s just hope that their timing is right and they won’t get in the middle of the huge massacre.. What a mess! What could have happened here? First the dormitory, now this. Who is attacking all those poor students? Or should I ask.. What..??

University Yard Map


Arkham Sanitarium

Welcome to Arkham Sanitarium! You will find several common and private areas on the ground floor, and the inmates’ rooms on the first floor. The sanitarium serves the treatment of the mentally ill, but also is a nice place for some elderly to calm down their nerves for a while.

No one knows about the secret basement and all the weird stuff happening there… Maybe it’s a good opportunity for your investigators to have a look at it. Or maybe not? What is it that the lab scientists keep locked inside the big cells at the end of the corridor? Is it a good idea to open that door?

Arkham Sanitarium Map


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