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Cthulhu Architect Maps #15

Latest version2.0.0
Minimum Core9
Compatible Core10
Last updated2 months ago
Created7 months ago
Systems All systems
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Iä! Iä! Cthulhu friends!

From the depths of R'lyeh, I present modern maps of horror for your FoundryVTT games. The stars are right! You heard the Call! Now is the time to stop dreaming and get my FVTT modules.

Within each module, you will find several location maps, each with multiple variations, including dynamic lighting, walls and multilevel support. Spice up your game by adding incredible real-life modern locations for your investigators. They will die scream with delight. 

Preserve your sanity, become a patron and download all my modules and custom assets.

Experience Cthulhu Mythos like never before!



Creole Cottage

Welcome to the Creole Cottage. Deep inside the Bayou you can find this beautiful cottage and spend some time walking in the woods or riding the boat in this peaceful scenery. Peaceful? What are those voodoo dolls doing on the kitchen counter? Oh no – My eyes… my eyes…

Creole Cottage Map


Shopping Mall

Welcome to the Shopping Mall. In this map pack, you will find a Lovecraftian era version (Vintage) and a modern version of a two-story Shopping Mall. You can go shopping, enjoy a movie, go to the barber’s or for a manicure, have a coffee, pizza or sushi.. so much to do here. Ready to do some investigation in this large building? Who is hiding behind the escalators? Oh Gee, what is this monstrous creature behind the cinema’s ticket counter? Let me out, let me out!!!

Shopping Mall Map


Nuclear Power Plant Control Room

Welcome to the Nuclear Power Plant Control Room. Your investigators can talk with the technicians and the scientists, or maybe attend a tour, a training, or an important meeting with the General. Oh no.. where is this smoke coming from? Run to the secret VIP passage, we may be able to catch the helicopter and get out from this place before the madness begins…

Nuclear Power Plant Control Room


Moon Base

Welcome to the Moon Base. Get ready to investigate that oxygen loss incident. You can fix some stuff in the laboratory or try to stabilize that astronaut’s wound in the medical room. Maintain the hydroponic farm or starve to death…

Moon Base Map


City Chase Scene

Welcome to the City Chase Scene! Why are those cultists chasing you? You better hit the gas and get out of here. Don’t turn here! Watch out for that bus! Beeeeeep…

City Chase Scene

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