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Cthulhu Architect Maps #11

Latest version1.0.6
Minimum Core0.6.0
Compatible Core9
Last updated5 months ago
Created6 months ago
Systems All systems
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Iä! Iä! Cthulhu friends!

From the depths of R'lyeh, I present modern maps of horror for your FoundryVTT games. The stars are right! You heard the Call! Now is the time to stop dreaming and get my FVTT modules.

Within each module, you will find several location maps, each with multiple variations, including dynamic lighting, walls and multilevel support. Spice up your game by adding incredible real-life modern locations for your investigators. They will die scream with delight. 

Preserve your sanity, become a patron and download all my modules and custom assets.

Experience Cthulhu Mythos like never before!



Haunted House

Welcome to the Haunted House! Who knows how the owners died, the point is that you should be careful when you visit this house. I heard some sounds from the basement, it is probably just some animal that found shelter in that damned place.

Haunted House Map


Warehouse with Basement

Welcome to the Warehouse with a basement! Now is your chance to shine! You and your fellow investigators can get inside when it gets dark and get rid of that blasphemous menace once and for all.


St. Paul's Church

Welcome to St. Paul Church! Prepare to confess all your sins to pastor John. Get ready to fight the evil in the ceremony variation. Let's hope things don't get out of hand, differently you will surely need to use that splatter variation.


Red Dragon Chinese Restaurant

Welcome to the Red Dragon Chinese Restaurant. Here your investigators can have dinner and try all the delicacies of Chinese culture. But watch out because some of the plates may contain some ingredients you won't like. After you finish your meal try a fortune cookie and see what the future will bring.


RMS Mauretania - Promenade Deck - Deck B

Welcome to the 6th Part of the RMS Mauretania set of maps! This is the Promenade Deck (Deck B)! You can find the 2nd class Smoking and Drawing rooms on this deck, as well as the 1st class en-suite rooms, parlor rooms, regal suites, sanitary areas, several pantries, steward's room, barbershop, and bar areas; all at the service of the Promenade deck!

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