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GM [Pathfinder 1st] [Thursday 8pm GMT] Ruins of Adventure


Cost Free
Game System: Pathfinder

Date & Time: Thursday 8pm GMT

Frequency: Weekly, 2 hours per session

Communication: Audio through Discord is required, video is a plus but not necessary.
Platform Foundry VTT

Players Needed: 1-2, a small group of 3 players is already in the game.

About the Game:

Dragonlance before the war of the Lance.

The city of Phlan has been rediscovered and adventurers are flocking to it in order to find fame and fortune, but however the  occupation is contested, the evil denizens that overran the city after the cataclysm have not departed and they are organised far more than they should be.

The current group is composed of 3 players, the campaign has been running since 6 months and is nearing the  end, another campaign will start after tha. The group is largely composed of players who used to play 2nd or 3rd in our teens (some time ago) and decided to pick D&D back up with the lockdown.

Players are level 3, as this is before the war of the lance, no paladins or clerics currently exist, most healing is done using herbs.

The party at the moment is a rogue,  mage and a ranger.

This is a roleplaying focused game, XP is awarded for completing challenges rather than kills, if you are looking for advanced Heroquest, this isn’t it, if you want hack and slay you are likely to find this game boring.

If you want to play a character with a backstory that actually influences the game then this might be what you are looking for, story telling is likely to bring greater rewards over metagaming.

Pathfinder is the base, but lots additional rules are taken from elsewhere, so I’ve pinched some of the advantages from GURP’s, the critical hits are modeled on Warhammer RPG (1st ed) and the Herbs are taken from MERP.

To quote Queens of the Stone age ‘I need a saga, what's the saga’?

Contact me on Discord Melvin#3006 if interested.



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Topic starter Posted : 03/05/2021 6:01 pm
S. Heath

Oh man, just like that my long hours playing SSI Gold Box games came flooding back.  Pool of Radiance was the bomb!  I'm looking for a 2e game, otherwise I'd be all over this 😀

Posted : 24/05/2021 11:15 pm