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GM [PAID][Online][Pathfinder 2E][Weekly][2 Players Needed][FoundryVTT][20 EUR][Saturdays][CEST] Fists Of The Ruby Phoenix


# Fists Of The Ruby Phoenix

```The Ruby Phoenix Tournament begins! The sorcerer Hao Jin has returned to Tian Xia to host her decennial international fighting tournament, and contestants from all over the world have arrived to try their chance at winning a prize from her vault of incredible treasures. Before they can compete in the tournament, however, fighters must first complete a series of qualifying challenges on the uninhabited tropical island of Bonmu, where wild dinosaurs roam amid the ancient ruins of a lost civilization. Can the heroes defend their island stronghold, outlast their many ruthless rivals, and survive the perils of so-called Danger Island? Let the competitors decide!```

### Note - I am looking for at least 2 more players to join a group of 3. Session 0 will be free of charge and is happening on the 9th of October.

- Fists Of The Ruby Phoenix is an Advneture Path for level 11 to level 20 Characters.
- Fists Of The Ruby Phoenix is best described as a tournament style adventure akin to Mortal Kombat
- Discord will be used for voice, as such you are expected to have a decent microphone.
- Play time is 4 Hours from the beginning of the session. Might last 5-10 minutes extra to wrap things up.
- No Homebrew Content Allowed.
Date & Time: We play every Saturday from 6 PM CEST to 10 PM CEST. Timezone is UTC+01:00

On Character Creation:
- Ability Scores: Stat Array (Includes Optional Flaw Rule)
- Ancestry: Ask me for any Uncommon or Rare Ancestries however this is located in Tian Xia so it'll be fun to see varied Ancestries.
- Heratige: Ask me for any uncommon or rare Heratige
- Background: Ask me for any uncommon or rare backgrounds
- Class: Everything is allowed as long as the region has access. (Since Guns & Gears is not too far off, I'll need to double check Tian Xia for access to guns.)
- Alignment: Standard Alignment system.
- Spells: Use spells from any book as long as it's not uncommon or rare.

The Way I run games:

- There will be variable combat and ambient music present for different moods.
- Handouts created for players to help with visualization of different NPC's.
- If any downtime is present it will be handled preferably out of the game to not bog it down and keep play more exciting.
- I roll dice out in the open and I am as transparent as I can about mechanics
- I generally like a party composition of players who feel strong about the following themes:
- Camaraderie
- Friendship
- Helping out and working as a team to solve the problems presented in the books.

I strongly dislike the following:
- Evil Characters who want to screw over the party.
- People who don't contribute in any way to the events unfolding.
- Being toxic for whatever reason to the DM or to the rest of the party.
- I tend to run combats in a fast and efficient way so that no one takes a very long time with their turns and this brings a more pleasant overall experience to the table. We will be playing using grid rules.
- While I dislike TPK's they tend to happen from time to time. As such, I presume players have some proficiency with the system otherwise this will be a steep learning curve. As usual, DM help is always here to make you understand the games mechanics better.
- This game will be an as intended play of the AP as Paizo designed it. At it's core I might alter some tid-bits to make gameplay less tedious

About me:
- 27 Years Old
- Have 6 years experience DM'ing various systems (D&D 4E, 5E, Dark Heresy, Warhammer Fantasy. Pathfinder 2E Playtest)
- Have been professionally DM'ing for 2 years!
- If you're interested please slide in my Discord DM's, my tag is Peenicks#4175. We will chat and have a mini interview.

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